Years ago, in the 80s, they named the youth group Transformation. It was when the Transformers were hot (the first time), before Shia LaBoeuf and Meagan Fox starred in a film. It was a reference to Romans 12:1-2 about not conforming, but being TRANSFORMED by the renewing of one’s mind. It was painted in really cool airbrush graffiti on our Upper Room youth wall and emblazoned on t-shirts we wore to camp. We were Transformers, in the Biblical sense. God was Optimus Prime, leading us to victory over sin. We had a reunion last summer, and it was amazing how many were in ministry, in some form or fashion.

I follow Mars Hill on Twitter, and the word for today was that we don’t go to Scripture to be informed, but to be transformed. YES. That’s what I’m trying to say, and have been looking for the words to say since starting Pastor Brad’s new Sunday School class, the Case for Christ. There is no evidence, as far as I’ve found, that can say with certainty, scientifically, legally or otherwise that Jesus was the Son of God. There is evidence that Jesus existed, that he was crucified and that there are those who claimed to have seen him after his Resurrection. Science isn’t interested in proving that something is true, but about eliminating what is false. So, since Science has not been able to disprove a living, breathing Son of God, I’ll allow my faith to fill-in the rest.

That’s what reading the Scriptures does for me. It transforms the facts of Jesus into faith in Jesus. It transforms me, too. I don’t just read the Bible as literature, though, I’ve taken that English class and it proved to me that non-believers can appreciate the narrative of the Bible, even if they cannot agree with the conclusion that Christ is the Holy Lamb of God. I think there’s power in the Bible. My belief in that power has transformed too. When I was a child, on vacation with my dad and stepmom, we nearly ran out of gas,on a mountain and had to spend the night in our car in a heavily wooded area. I, being a bit paranoid, but confident in the Word, took out my Bible and slept with it on my chest. I concluded they would have to go through God to get me, should anyone want to do me harm. Now, I see that the Bible gives me faith and skills to live my life in a more godly fashion, to be the person I was created to be.

Like a Transformer, though, it’s possible for me to go back to just a regular old truck, or, even a shiny yellow car, with potential to be something else. I don’t want to go back, though, I like being Transformed. I don’t want to be a Christian in disguise; I want my actions and my words to bear the evidence of the transformative power of an awesome God.


2 responses to “Transformation

  1. I love it. And I slept with my Bible those long nights after I first read Piercing the Darkness. : ) But it’s only real power is transformative and you captured that well.

  2. I’ve always been interested in apologetics; I tended to define my concept of God by simply parroting the exegetics of my professors in bible college (I’m not proud to say). It was simply what I had the capability of explaining. Today, I find myself defining God based upon that which I cannot explain. And He’s more real to me today than ever.

    First time I’ve read your blog -great analogies. CS Lewis would be proud.

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