Can’t Stop (not a post about Toyota)

It’s definitely Spring Break. I know this, because all I’ve eaten today, so far, is a few handfuls of dark chocolate raisinets and a muffin. I am still in my pajamas at 3:30 PM and have no pressing plans which might make me get dressed. I’ve cuddled with the cat, caught up on the news, read three chapters of a mystery novel, glanced at a pile of laundry that can wait another 24 hours, at least, and considered driving to the salon to get a haircut, but figure that I can postpone looking decent for awhile longer and just veg. I recently upgraded my mattress pad to a 2″ memory foam one, and it sleeps like a dream; I love sleep. I like Spring Break. I can’t do this often, though. A couple days of this and I’m ready to move, to get out, to do something.

We all have to have some down-time, right? I can’t take too much, because I start to let my bedridden existence creep into my psyche. I start to get the Rear Window syndrome. Like Jimmy Stewart in that movie, when there’s no life of my own to explore, I start to meddle in other people’s lives. Maybe I shouldn’t make a comparison to Rear Window, maybe Emma, by Jane Austen, would be a better example. Emma was so complacent in her life, she started looking around for project people. No one was safe from Emma’s “help.” If I have too much time to poke around on various websites, I start doling out (most likely unwelcome) advice. I need to get out and get moving.

The problem with Jeff from Rear Window and Emma Woodhouse is that neither focused on improving themselves while they pushed their fixes on others. They had glaring relationship issues in their own lives, mostly caused by not seeing what was directly before them. I don’t want to deal with some areas for self-improvement in my own life, really. It’s much more fun to lay abed, popping raisinets and devising time-wasters. Other people’s problems are so much easier to solve than my own. I know exactly what YOU should do, but please don’t look too closely at Dr. Kristin, because this physician needs to heel herself.

Jesus warned us about that! The speck and plank story, remember? I would prefer to overlook the giant beam protruding from my eyes and focus on the tiny speck in yours, thankyouverymuch. Yes, despite my love of Spring Break and all things that allow me to sit on my duff, I have to get moving. I’ll rest my weary bones for awhile, but gathering moss leads me to meddle and meddling leads to self-satisfaction and that leads to a plank in my eye, and other mixed metaphors. So, I’m posting this and then getting out of bed… soon. I promise.


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