Over 1000 views this month, so far.

Over 3000 overall.

More comments than ever before (45 in the last month) – if you’re not commenting on the blog, all it takes is an email address and you can post. I want to build a community, not just talk @ everyone.

The highest view count for my blog ever – over 200 in one day.

More subscribers (5 new), more shares (7 in October), more return posters.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for posting. Thanks for getting the word out. It’s baby steps, but it’s starting to get goooooood. Also, my 30th birthday is coming up, so I think this is just the best birthday present, possibly ever. That doesn’t mean those of you planning on giving me gifts should change your mind. 😉


10 responses to “Milestones

  1. 30! you’re getting old…

  2. Congrats Kristin! It feels great to know there are people actually reading your thoughts, huh? I’ve only been seriously writing for about 2 months and I’ve seen a great jump (not quite like yours though).

    I love that we connected through our blogs. It makes this huge planet a truly small world.

    • Thanks, Tony. I have total blog envy every time I visit, because you get people to post their thoughts. Thank you for encouraging me, since I know that’s not really “your thing” I appreciate it.

  3. 30? Really…..I heard you don’t get presents after 29 anyway!

  4. Hey welcome to the 30’s! It’s not too bad! Congrats on the blog!

  5. Happy birthday! And happy milestones too!

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