Plans Change; people change

My plans for the day included posting my first vblog. I even started recording last night, but had to mess with the settings a few times, so that I wouldn’t look like a oompa loompa. I have had a couple of do-overs on the audio, so I didn’t sound like Madeline Kahn, and then realized it was too late to do it the right way. So, I went to sleep. I have had to change my plans. That has been the trend, lately, to change plans.

Work plans, personal plans, parenting plans and blog plans – they’ve all changed this week. That’s the thing about plans, they usually change. How many times have you sketched out a first draft and the final copy been the same thing with which you started? What? Never, you say?

Why, then, I wonder, do we get so upset when plans change? When things don’t go according to plan? I, for one, get antsy and uncomfortable at the thought of an alteration of plans. It’s a dialectical tension we need to manage, that between predictability (plans) and novelty (change). Change is inevitable and once it’s come and we can recognize the benefits of that change, we adopt it as the new status quo, which we protect fiercely, so that no change comes to threaten the precious balance.

I have changed, too. I’ve grown more weary of uncertainty. I just want to know… anything. I want to take comfort in predictability, because I’ve had quite enough of novelty, for now. Too much predictability, though, and I get bored, and start to long for novelty again. Instead of a linear tug-of-war, it’s a cycle. I want to be able to count on a friend, but I don’t always want to talk of the same things and eat at the same place and do the same activities with the same result.

My Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever, but my relationship with him has changed over the years. I’m always discovering something new and learning of his grace and love afresh. Plans change, people change, but the complexity of Christ means that while my interpretation of him may change, he doesn’t.

What plans have changed for you? How do you deal with change? Are you optimistic about plans that are altered or put on hold? How do you deal with disappointment?


5 responses to “Plans Change; people change

  1. Lots have lately. Still trying to regroup.

  2. You sound like you just wrote down a conversation that goes on in my head.

    I’ve had some pretty big plans change for me. I’m surprised at myself how resilient I can be when I have to. I’ve become more optimistic about change and even welcome it from time to time. But that does mean I like it!

  3. I go into a hyperactive panic when things look like they are about to change. I think in the end I handle the change itself all right, I can sort of roll with change. But I do not handle uncertainty well at all. Especially when I am supposed to make some kind of decision concerning said uncertainty. That is my cower/eat time. And I turn to my mom/best bud/facebook/internet community to find out just exactly what decision everyone else on earth thinks I should make. I’m really looking for them to tell me what to do (I think so I can do the opposite!)

    We have recently thought we might have to move, but then didn’t. That about sent me to the psych ward. : P But I think I’ve recovered. I had a complete meltdown over some changed summer plans. Complete over reaction. I must have been stressed or mad about something else because I haven’t flipped like that since I was a child! I plan on using that major meltdown event as a reminder to keep my cool. I don’t want to go back to that place mentally anytime soon.

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