VBlog – Hope in the Resurrection

I’m posting my first video blog. I talk about the anniversary of my grandparents’ burial and death (Nov 21) and how much sweeter heaven seems to me because of who waits for me. My blog about Bebop is here: A Witness. Please excuse the video quality, sound quality and semi-unreliable narrator – I’m learning.

Who is the person/people in your life that make you want to give a faith shout-out?


4 responses to “VBlog – Hope in the Resurrection

  1. So great to meet you through your vlog! This was a beautiful tribute to your grandparents. Oh and I lived in Biloxi, MS for 6 years.

    Looking forward to more of these!

  2. I lived in Ocean Springs for a short time, but it’s where I call “home.” It’s beautiful there. Thanks for watching, Tony.

  3. Oh my goodness that was so wonderful to listen to you! I’m not sure where to start…you sound more Texas than I expected but also have a richer quality to your voice than I expected. You sound quite smart and even said “disabused” a word I think gets way too little use. But that was the wrong way around to start…

    Have you read any Catherine Marshall? I love her vision of her husband Peter tending his roses in heaven. I think Bebop makes pineapple cake in heaven for all his friends and for your Nona.

    I used to imagine my mom’s stepdad and her father playing poker in heaven. They had been friends when they were younger. Her dad predeceased his friend by 15 or so years, and they both got a chance to be married to the same great lady. I always pictured them with a dog or two at their feet, waiting for the rest of us, but having a good time.

    You got me teary eyed. The resurrection offers so much hope to us poor folks stuck down here. Thanks for sharing with us on the anniversary of Bebop’s home going.

    • You’re the first person to think I sound more Texan than they expected 😉 Thanks for your thoughts. I’m always missing a little something around this time of year and hoping for the day I don’t have to miss it any more.

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