It’s the most wonderful time

Dear Friend (you know who you are),

It’s December, which, of course, means that it’s National Write To Friends Month (WTF Month?). In honor of that sacred occasion, I’m writing a letter to you, Friend, to thank you in a Golden- Girl- Theme-Song-type way for being there. Also, if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew… that big, huge, gift you see, that’s from me, no matter whose name appears in the “From” line.

* Thank you for cashing in your frequent flyer miles, credit card points, favors and IOUs to come down and visit me just because you knew I was bummed and could use some company.

* Thank you for hosting Total Dance Fest 2009 at your house, which, despite all the joy I’ve had in my life, might be the closest thing to pure fun I’ve ever experienced.

* Thank you for getting me through graduate school on regular trips to Sweet Eugene’s, office vents, Antonio’s pizza and hours of conversation.

*Thank you for not judging me. You have the most information from which to do that, but you never have (to my knowledge) and that’s why I love you.

*Thank you for reading this blog all the time and admitting you like it on Facebook, because it’s encouraging to me.

*Thanks for listening with me to old country music like the kind we grew up on, while chatting online, in two different states – isn’t the Internet better than missing you all the stinkin’ time?!

*Thank you for understanding that friendship doesn’t necessitate exchanging gifts for Christmas or birthdays – I love that we don’t feel like “stuff” is going to make or break our friendship.

I don’t feel like I thank you enough, for filling the tough position of friend. I could have sent this to you in an email or over Facebook chat, but really, those don’t come with Permalink, and I want you to remember how grateful I am for you. Bookmark it, Chica.


K  – because I’m cool enough to pull off the single-letter-signature.

I encourage all readers to write a letter to a friend this month. By this, they will all know you are my disciples, Christ said, if you love one another. Be One during this “Onederful” time of the year. /Schmaltz


4 responses to “It’s the most wonderful time

  1. I write a lot of letters to people. It means the world to them. On a side not, how crazy is it when you are doing your best to encourage others and they end up encouraging you? Totally happens all the time from blogging and writing.

  2. oh, nice wordplay pun to wrap it up! i’m still groaning ~ thats how you know it was a good one.

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