Many paths – one blog

It’s been exactly 10 months since I started blogging, and WOW, I never expected this much traffic. I saw this on another blog and hadn’t considered it before, the weird, wacky and completely wrong ways that people happened to find my blog or a certain post. I looked up the search terms that people entered for which came back as an answer, and here’s what I got.

The completely normal:

Messiah mom, Plans change (and other variations), Christmas wishes, Prayer (at night, prayer for Christmas, for the Messiah… etc), I Cor 13:13, Exodus 21

The slightly weird:
Monarchy perks, Prince Harry, Expectancy Violation Theory (probably one of my own students 😉 ),  ludus, eros, god of love, what is Miss Patty Cake’s real name, teens passing love notes, undeserving poor (what would Jesus do?), child slavery, Jarrod Brooks, christian pick up lines for girls, “she’s got more faces than,” 1970s handwritten love notes, jim caviezel struck by lightning, kent piacenti, mom punishments, love difficult, popular american websites, “I’ve always wanted one of these …. what is it?” spiritual strand of pearls sermons, trafficked women, what the bigwigs fail to realize is the world’s a mess right now…

The searches for which my blog, as a return, would make you wonder, WHAT THE HECK KIND OF BLOG IS THIS?

performance mouthguard, spank-mom belt, does anyone have godly understanding over vitiligo, david biale “the god with breasts,” women in shaving cream fantasies, prostitute writing a letter AND….. story slave toilet mistress.

If you blog, what is the weirdest search term that led someone there? If you don’t blog, have you ever found something really great while searching for something else?


3 responses to “Many paths – one blog

  1. I have a lot of weird titles so this is always fun:

    dudes in underwear
    Ricky Martin lipsyncs
    abercrombie smells like crap

  2. Sometimes people find my blog when they’re looking for porn. Not quite what they were looking for. And yet…

  3. Here are some of the ones that I’ve gotten. The last one totally creeped me out.
    flapper nude
    kruschev shoe
    burt reynolds looks like marlon brando
    майкл кейн
    alex trebek hair
    зигмунд фройд
    siamese cats in literature
    nixon nude

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