A fruitcake on fruitcake

Today is Fruitcake Day! Did you know? Is it circled in red on your calendar? Do you sit, shaking with dread, at the thought of someone gifting you with a fruitcake? No worries, because, I have solutions. That’s right, SOLUTIONS!

Here, my dear friends is a list of potential uses for fruitcake, from your own dear fruitcake. (Note, some of these ideas come from the interwebz – and I didn’t think them up, first)

1) Door stop.
2) Paper weight
3) Pin cushion
4) Canon fodder
5) Cement Shoes
6) Burglar bar
7) Railroad tie
8 ) Pumice stone
9) Iron
10) Missile

There is one place to get good fruitcake, and its the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana. If your fruitcake came from somewhere else, put it to good use.

Did you get a fruitcake this year? Is it like a Polaroid – do you have to burn them to destroy them? What’s your favorite fruitcake use?


4 responses to “A fruitcake on fruitcake

  1. Believe it or not I’ve never had fruitcake. Kinda looks gross.

  2. Hey Send them to me, I actually like to eat fruitcake. You can send them to John Wilder, 234 W State Street, Jacksonville, Fl 32202 I did not get one this year.

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