T-minus (20)10

On the cusp of the new year, many make resolutions. I’ve made only one – that I should probably make a resolution or two, I’ve still got a few hours to decide. Many make promises to themselves or to God or to other people about how they’ll behave or what they’ll do, or stop doing, or never do again. In the last of my obscure holiday series, I’m going to talk about today, Dec 31, Make Up Your Mind day, because I don’t want to miss out of getting every ounce of celebration out of the month of December.

"Make-up" your mind from Visual Puns

Think back on the important decisions you’ve made…. I’ll wait…. At some point, for good or ill, you had to make a decision. Wait too long, and someone else will make that decision for you. You want to buy a car. You research, you hem, haw, price around, test-drive, haw some more, hem a bit, and someone else sees it for the deal it is and buys that car out from under you. Has that ever happened to you?

Maybe you’re struggling with a decision right now. Maybe you’re not sure whether to quit your job and look for another, given the economy. Maybe you’re on the fence about a relationship – advance or retreat? Maybe you’re debating whether or not you should try to grow your family. Maybe, there are a thousand decisions on your horizon, and you’re wishing, just once, that a decision would be easy and perfect and work out just the way it promised.

Maybe you’re thinking of learning more about Christianity. Maybe you’re trying to decide what becoming a Christian would mean for your life. Maybe you have discovered the love of Christ, but aren’t sure about religion or churches or Christians – I understand that, but my advice is not to let others make your decisions for you. Make up your mind to search out more information, make up your mind to search your heart. If you’ve been hurt by a Christian or a church, make up your mind to be the kind of Christian you wanted them to be — honest, real, charitable, forgiving, forgiven.

I think of people in the Bible who had decisions to make: Abraham had to decide whether to follow God’s command or remain safe and secure in his present life. The disciples had to choose between the family, friends and work that they knew to follow some upstart from Nazareth. The rich man decided his wealth held more charm than the Gospel, and went away sad.

You can stay on the fence this Dec 31, but it’s not so comfy on the tushy. Apply for that new job, or determine to be satisfied with the job you have. Start that side business you’ve always wanted or stop complaining that everyone else seems to be following their dreams. Get engaged. Get married. Start a family – or don’t. The choice is up to you. Retire. Vacation. Go on a mission trip – or stay home. You’re the only one with that decision-making power. Buy a house. Sell a house. Get out of debt – or get a student loan. The decision is yours.

Make up your mind! What are your resolutions for 2011?


4 responses to “T-minus (20)10

  1. I’m going to have a baby, get a dog and get married this year. Not necessarily in that order.

  2. Shalom!

    You wrote: “Maybe you’re thinking of learning more about Christianity. Maybe you’re trying to decide what becoming a Christian would”

    Yeshayahu [”Isaiah”] 9:5-6 [don’t rely on a translation –they even get the numbers of the verse wrong] in Hebrew reads according to etymology (science of the origins of words and their meaning) prophecies that ha-Mashiakh [“the Messiah”] and his followers will keep the directives of the Torah [“the books of Moses”] and teach others that they must do likewise. This is how one can discern if a person follows the Messiah or not.

    Based on that verse Christians need to change lifestyle in order to start following the Messiah.

    Following his teachings, leads oneself into Torah-observance; and into an immensely meaningful relationship with the Creator.

    Anders Branderud

  3. I resolve to survive.

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