2011: My Word of the Year

I took up a challenge from my friend Tony Alicea, to make ONE WORD the focus of my entire blog year. Condense all of what I do, what I write and draw upon to one bullion cube of a word? Impossible. Well, I did it. The word I’m going to use as a touchstone for 2011 is



That's me


I love the color. It’s my favorite. It’s the color of my eyes. I find the color soothing and comfortable and type this from the plush snugness of my favorite oversized green chair. But that’s not why I chose that word  to represent 2011.

Remember this post? 2011 is the year of growth and harvest for me. Green is a symbol for that growth. It’s foliage – it’s shoots of life. I want this year and this blog to show my development in thoughtful consideration, spiritual matters, parental matters, writing. I’ve pruned; I’ve tended, and now it’s time to take off. There are more reasons for choosing the word “green” as an emblem.

Like Discovery Green in downtown Houston, the idea of a green (noun) as a common area appealed to me. That’s what I’ve always wanted for this blog, and have seen it developing, but I still have a long way to go. I’ve always wanted this to be a location for community, a common area of the web to bring people and ideas together around the central theme of being Christ’s hands on Earth.

Green is also a goal. I want to become more conscious of, and responsible to, the gift that God has given me, the Earth and all the living things in it. I’m miles away from my goal, but I can get there. It’s inconvenient to recycle, to re-use, to reduce those things I use. It’s going to be a challenge to me, this year, to research ways of incorporating a green attitude into my everyday life. I hope to chronicle those baby steps here.

Finally, I’m going off the definition of green that means unprocessed, raw, unripe, new and fresh. I have always tried to make this blog transparent and real, but my goal is to not censor myself quite so much, to appear as “in the raw” as possible so that I don’t whitewash my experiences.

That’s my 2011. I’m challenging myself to filter every post through this word, to give it a greenish hue. I’ll probably also change the theme to something more Greeny and underline my word choice visually, so that I don’t forget. As you read, feel free to check me on this. Don’t be afraid or unwilling to ask me, “Where’s the GREEN?”

If you blog, or even if you don’t: What’s your word for 2011?


15 responses to “2011: My Word of the Year

  1. HOPE! I am an eternal optimist and try to reflect it in everything I do and say and write. Because where there is no hope there is only desolation and I don’t give in to desolation.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  2. I really like this…

    And I like the redesign.

  3. Woo! You did it! I love your word. I love the various facets you explored with the word. Although I am disappointed that there is nothing about greed, envy or lust (you do know that’s what is implied with the green M&Ms, right?). j/k 😉

    That post of yours on the harvest might be my favorite of yours since I started reading. I’m thankful to have connected with someone as cool and intelligent as yourself. Looking forward to seeing what God does in your life and family this year! Go green!

    • I can sometimes be subtle – I want people to greedily eat up everything I write, envy my mad skillz and lust after chocolate, so I won’t be alone in that 😉 there, you made me spell it out. it’s so embarassing

  4. Neat idea. The word ‘green’ suits you and your blog. I think if I picked a word I’d forget in about two weeks time.

  5. I like green.

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  8. really enjoy your unique approach for One Word. here’s to a green year, kristin!

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