Amelia Explains It All – Teeth

I’m a firm believer that we should all cut our teeth on the Gospel as baby Christians – graduate from milk to solid food, then really sink our teeth into the more difficult passages of Scripture. And now for something ALMOST completely different…. Amelia Explains it All about Teeth.

I love that, at the end, she tells us how to keep our teeth healthy by eating good foods. I’m assuming that includes a whole host of greens Mia hasn’t touched since she stopped eating baby food, like peas and spinach. But, Mia is a firm believer in “do as I say and not as I do” which is very different from me, you know.

Speaking of different, her sister, Wendy, wanted to get in on this video action, too, so, she chooses to talk about, what else? birds. again. wow.

What did YOU think the tooth fairy wanted all those teeth for? Do you ever give advice you don’t follow? What kind of sheets should birds have?


25 responses to “Amelia Explains It All – Teeth

  1. Love the videos with your girls! And I have a feeling that Amelia is just like her mommy! 😉

  2. They are totally precious. And I chucked when she told you to quit pushing her.

    An apple a day keeps the tooth fairy on the way.

  3. I remember when I lost my first tooth (I know it wasn’t her first one though)…it was barely loose, but I was so excited! I told my mom & dad, and my aunt and uncle came over for supper that evening. Mom told me to tell them my news, so I did. My uncle asked which tooth it was that was loose, so I showed him. Big mistake. He yanked really hard on it (like I said, it was barely loose), making it hurt and very loose at this point. He yanked on it another couple of times and pulled it out of my mouth. I cried like a baby because it hurt so much – not to mention the blood that came out. I remember my aunt saying something to the effect of “Maybe it wasn’t very loose to begin with”, so my uncle may have commented on how hard it was to pull out…either that or he commented on why I was being a cry baby or something. It took forever for the adult tooth to grow in after that.

  4. I never really thought about where the teeth went. All I could think about was that nice shiny quarter that I’d find underneath my pillow. I guess it’s probably not a quarter any more, is it?

    Not sure what kind of sheets birds should have, but I’m very concerned about their pillows. If we have feathers in ours…just what do they have in theirs?

    • She’s been lucky enough to lose all three at her dad’s house. The tooth fairy over there is richer than my tooth fairy, and she’s racked up $10 so far for the three together.

      Deep question about the bedding of birds. I’m going to have to think on that.

  5. The tooth fairy uses the teeth to build tiny little houses for her tiny little fair friends. Which she sells for an exorbitant price. She plans to retire in a few more years.

  6. Hi Kristin. I might have ruptured something from laughing. Your kids are adorable! So funny! My little girls keep me laughing, too. Maybe I should use them more in my own blogs. 🙂

  7. Cute videos! Your girls are adorable.

    I remember once the tooth fairy made the mistake and give me a $10 instead of a $1. It was the highlight of my my year. 🙂

  8. Awesome videos. Your girls are so cute.

    My daughter gets $5 a tooth. I don’t know how she negotiated that with the toothfairy, but I wasn’t part of those discussions. :/

  9. Goodness they’re cute. And they look a lot like you.

  10. These videos were great! You have some cute kids there Kristin!

    I never really cared what the toothfairy did with my teeth growing up, just as long as she (or maybe he??) left me my $1! lol

  11. You have the cutest little girls Kristin, my goodness! Our little guy’s only 2, so we haven’t had the tooth fairy conversation. I don’t really know how we’ll approach that one. At this point, he’s still afraid of Santa Claus and has no concept of money, so I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, lol

  12. lol great videos. a lot of people sound nothing like what I imagine in my head. but you were pretty much right on the money. Nice job getting the voice right.


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