Do the blind dream?

I dream strange dreams. The past few nights, those dreams have exploded into Dalinian splashes of interposed visuals and foley-art sounds. God has not given me the gift of dream interpretation Γ  la Joseph, but I know that when I’m trying to save my sister, who was trapped in Charlie Sheen’s body, from a giant ant with the head of Macaulay Culkin, and my only weapon is a skewer given to me by Jennifer Grey dancing a polka… that’s weird. What’s weirder is that many of my dreams have come true (I’m currently keeping a look out for arthropods who starred in Home Alone).

Those dreams that have come true include: tripping and falling at my grad school graduation, my grandmother dying, my grandfather dying…. well, you get the picture, and it’s rather bleak. Last week, I had a good dream, and except for the fact that I was in it, the dream had nothing to do with me.

In the dream, I attended a friend’s wedding, which began with a flame-breathing circus act, performed by him to distract his guests so his bride-to-be could make her way out of the building to the ceremony. Then, as a group, we paraded down to a lush, green garden full of flowers and watched the happy couple say “I do.” Finally, we danced until the soles of my shoes wore through. The dream was so vivid and so real, I had to write to my friend in the morning and tell him what I’d seen.

For God does speak – now one way, now another – though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people, as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears – Job 33:14-16


Again, my dream was quite brilliant, visually. Which brought me to the question, do the blind dream? That question isn’t terribly clever of me; I’m sure you’ve asked it yourself.

Yes, they do, and this study, by Hurovitz et al, suggests that blind people even dream in picture, just not as often as sighted people do. As in waking, their other senses create the dream world. However, usually those who were born blind or became so early in life, do not dream visually. If they have some experience in the sighted world, their likelihood of dreaming with their vision improves.

I challenge you to dream striking dreams. Dream the dreams that feature you and some that don’t. Dream for yourself – brilliant dreams alive with color and sound and dream dreams for children and friends and family. Dream of what can happen when a Church stops having to make appeals for money, but is flush with giving out of the overflow of the congregation’s heart. Dream a dream because you’ve seen it, because you’ve heard it, because you’ve nearly touched it and tasted it and smelled that dream.

Most of all – in order to dream in color, you must have some experience with vision.

What is the weirdest dream you have ever had? Have you ever had a prophetic dream? Can you interpret my dream?


46 responses to “Do the blind dream?

  1. I have weird, vivid dreams a lot! It’s kind of freaky!! I used to write them down but time heading to work each day doesn’t allow it and by the time I get to work, I’ve forgotten half of it…only remembering that it was weird! Good luck interpreting this one…sounds like you saw yet another clip of Charlie Sheen sometime after watching Home Alone again and came across an ant at one point in your day…surprised I didn’t have that dream as I have a HUGE ant bed out back.

    • I don’t usually start making note of them until they become more frequent, like the past three nights! I think I have Charlie Sheen on the brain because I just wrote a guest post about #WINNING for someone.

  2. I know I dream in colour. And, I used to be able to give you minute details of the dream as well. Then, about 15 years ago, it somehow went away and I had trouble remembering dreams. Now, though, I do have times where I remember, some that I remember being weird or scary, etc, and other times I remember details.

    Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been trying to write my dreams in a notebook. Some days I don’t have time, and others (if I’m not working) I’ll record when I get up so I don’t forget them.

    I even remember having repeats of dreams – well, two anyway. I had them both when I was little (say 8ish), and then I had them both again in my late teens/early 20s. Both were cartoonish in nature. One involved the Flintstones, the other the Scooby Doo gang. In each, I was friends with the characters, and while they were cartoons, I was human.

    The Flintstone one involved everyone crying and they were around a body bag (don’t even know how I knew what that was when I was little). Barney told me that Fred had died. I became sad too, and then the body bag started moving and unzipped itself. Fred sat up and asked what was going on. I told him we were crying because he had died, and he told us that he had just fallen asleep and then woke up in the body bag. Weird, I know.

    The Scooby Doo one I don’t remember much, other than we were trying to solve a mystery that involved a giant monster or something.

    Like I said…weird.

    • WOW! I had recurring nightmares through my kid days, too, and some as an adult. I have this one where someone tells me that I didn’t pass my French final in HS, and I have to retake every class I’ve had since then. Talk about SCARY!

  3. I have all sorts of weird dreams – usually when I’m either sick, stressed or watched something weird on TV. Or maybe ate a Taco before I went to bed.

    As for prophetic dreams, I tend to get those quite a bit. I can always tell when it’s a weird dream or a prophetic dream because the prophetic ones are usually the most real – like I wake up from them and wonder if it was a dream or real life. My normal dreams are so weird that I can tell they aren’t real.

    • I’ve had that feeling too – you’re in the dream, and know it must be a dream, and yet…

      My grandmother had prophetic dreams, too. She would sometimes tell me of all the things she had seen in a dream before it happened. I usually have them about tragedy, but sometimes, very rarely sometimes, about good things too.

  4. I’ve been the janitor of my church through two senior pastors. For the eight months or so in between when we were pastor-less I would continue to occasionally dust out the office and while I did it I would pray for our future pastor and his family.
    After the new pastor came – the perfect fit – I had a dream that I was down on my knees in that office, reaching into the deepest darkest crevices of every cupboard and shelf, wiping out every trace of dust. When I woke, I just KNEW the dream had been about prayer.
    I consider prayer a part of my job at the church. Part of my ‘calling’ if you will.

  5. For the record, I am a big big fan of your dreams. Big fan! Keep ’em comin’! πŸ™‚ I love the visual of you dancing until your shoes wear out! Pure joy!

    I have tons of really vivid dreams. I dream most nights. I have had quite a few dreams where God is trying to tell me something very specific. They can be prophetic, or they can be a message for something I need understand in a deeper way.

    One question: Jennifer Grey with new nose or old nose? This is vital to my interpretation.

    • I’m glad to hear it! I’ll try to think about you before bed more often and see what happens. I liked the idea of dancing like that, too. There was also much laughter in the dream, which I think is quite telling.

      Jennifer Grey – old nose. Interpret away.

      • I love the fact that there was laughing and tons of celebrating going on! It fits. It makes sense. πŸ™‚

        Here goes:

        Did you by chance watch a ton of early 90’s movies yesterday? We’ve got Dirty Dancing, Home Alone, Honey I Shrunk the Kids (do you remember the giant ant?), and Hot Shots (Tiger Blood in all his glory) all represented here. All of this information combined with the fact that you dreamed of Baby with her original nose makes me feel that this dream is God trying to tell you that if you try and change something that doesn’t need to be changed (Baby’s nose) it throws everything off and you find yourself doing a polka when you should be “having the time of your life”. I also believe that God is trying to tell you that when you mess with the tiger blood, you could end up on the wrong end of spear (Listen up Mr. Sheen). The easiest for last: The ant/Mac combo represents your repressed desire to be an opera singer. If that’s not clear than I don’t know what is.

      • this is terrific. I’ll need to put you on speed dial and wake you every morning to interpret πŸ˜‰

        I need to make sure not to change those important things – and run after the opera. got it. Thanks!

      • That interpretation was absolutely epic!

  6. Ok… just to be clear, were you trapped in Charlie Sheens body, or was your sister, it reads like your sister, but I would like to be sure.

  7. >>What is the weirdest dream you have ever had? Have you ever had a prophetic dream? Can you interpret my dream?
    1. I usually have nightmares. Well, about 7 for every 10 normal dreams I have. I reckon it is the only time the enemy can really get to me: when I am asleep. Typical.

    2. Yes.

    3. Do you need me to?

    • 1) I remember the nightmares more readily than the good dreams.
      2) Are you prophetic dreams positive or negative?
      3) not need, so much as curious, about whether any readers have that gift of interpretation

  8. Kristin,

    My prophetic dreams are neither positive nor negative. Since they are the will of my Father, I cannot attach such a limited understanding of them.

    He is good, and He also creates disaster. Only He can do both. So the prophetic dreams I have had reflect His Sovereignty, and not our version of love, or good or bad.

    • I didn’t mean that, as I think you know. I meant, do they portend windfall or wipeout?

      • Kristin,

        I do not recall any of these dreams.

        Once they are given to me and I, in turn, pass them onto their intended audience, I literally forget them. They aren’t mine to hold onto.

        I know The Spirit is the one who causes me to forget.

  9. I do have a number of vivid dreams, though I don’t often remember them for very long after waking. One thing I have found is that my imagination is strong enough that I sometimes halt dreams that are going a direction I don’t want them to, and restart them while forcing them to follow a course I like better. Occasionally this takes more than one try. I remember snippets of a dream involving a classic spy move “leap across the gap” escape, which my brain forced to rewind and play again several times until I succeeded at the jump. I have a suspicion this particular incident was caused by video gaming, in which I am quite willing to save before a particularly perilous maneuver and reload the save each failure until I succeed at it. :>

    • nice! I can sometimes wake myself up in a dream that’s not going as I planned, and rework it, but rarely mid-dream. I find that when the dream comes from God, though, it’s already perfect, and doesn’t need any re-working by me. I have peace about those dreams he puts in my heart. Peace and passion that go hand-in-hand.

  10. I had a reoccuring dream/nightmare when I was in elementary school. I was by a big lake…. and across the lake was this terrorizing force and his name was, “Noooooo”. I know wild – but I specifically remember it was “N” with six “O’s”. Still remember it to this day! πŸ™‚

    • I had a similar bad dream (no accompanying spelling), but I was on a boat with a bunch of other children, and knew that someone was going to kill us all when we got there. No one else seemed to care.
      Isn’t it amazing how those things stay with you?

  11. Yes, I’ve had prophetic dreams. They require a long, long explanation though. For now, I wanna take a shot at the meaning of your dream:

    You’re trying to save you sister because you love her. Your sister being trapped in Charlie Sheen’s body might signify some kind of unstable thinking that you sister has about _____ (who knows). The ant is representative of the perceived likelihood of your sister’s irrational thoughts/endeavors to end in failure. The ant is made giant because you’re perceiving a likelihood of her failure as something much greater than she is. Bluntly: where an ant is only a small problem for her, the ant represents a much bigger concern for you. The fact that Macaulay Culkin’s head is there is not something I can even begin to try and explain. I know you’re a movie-girl… so I’m guessing you’ll be able to figure out why his head is there, and why it was a polka-dancing Jennifer Grey who armed you with the skewer. The skewer is meant specifically to combat the ant, since your sister is “trapped” in Charlie Sheen’s body. The movies and the thoughts you have pertaining to each of the movie-stars subconsciously (I’m guessing) holds underlying meaning. Comparatively, Jennifer Grey’s career isn’t washed up (although I don’t know much about her) so it would make sense that she’d be the one to give you a skewer. Polka? Well, that’s another toughy.

  12. Here’s one for you… a dream/nightmare I had in July of 2004. Yes. I really did have it that long ago, and I really do write these things down:

    I first remember being in a circular mountain enclosure, outside in a place I have never been. I saw no sign of modern..anything..and when I looked up I saw blue skies and cotton-ball clouds. So I walked forward and the circular enclosure constricted into a single, dirt path. The farther I walked, there seemed to be less barren mountains, and more lush forests. Forests.. that were quite alive. As I looked down, I saw hundreds of spiders running in lines, and just in no particular direction. I pressed on, and I noticed a rather large tree to my immediate right. It was dark, the forest filtered out the sun quite well. I approached the tree, and noticed a giant, orange flower to the left of what seemed to be a doorway in the tree. The orange flower’s petals retracted, and revealed a giant eye. The eye was like a circular television screen, the eye itself was human, but as though it was being broadcast through a television. I couldn’t move when the eye opened, until my good friend Samantha opened the door. She said everything was all right, and asked me to come inside. Samantha was wearing white, and I was wearing black. She told me spiders where everywhere, and that we needed to run as far away as we could. I left, and she seemed to remain. The farther I went on, the bigger the spiders came, both in size and number. However, the forest seemed to become less dense, and there was more of a valley landscape. However, the valley was stacked on top of other, even bigger valleys. The best analogy is that of a wedding cake. Multiply layers, stacked on top of each other. With that being said, I moved onto the vast terrain. Ant mounds, with spiders pulsating them, moving in and out were riddled throughout this land. Samantha, came out of nowhere, and put her hand on my left shoulder, and told me to run. I looked behind me, and a massive spider was shaking the Earth as it ran toward us. It’s fangs were gnashing the air, dripping venom, as it’s front two legs were raised up, poised to strike. it must has been the size of a 15 story building, so of course, I ran like hell. We reached the edge of the highest valley we we’re on, and jumped to the next layer. I barely tried to jump, and yet, I jumped the highest I ever had. The spider followed, and jumped over us, to the lowest level. There may have been about.. 10 different layers that I could remember stacked on top of the highest valley. I looked at Samantha, and she was all right, and we kept running. The spider nests seemed more dense on this layer, and we saw them getting bigger and bigger.. until there was one giant hole. We stopped at the enormous hole.. and looked at each other. 8 Legs came out, and raised a tarantula like spider body. Covered in gray hairs, but its legs were sharp, and pointed. We ran yet again, and when we reached the edge of this valley, we jumped. Samantha made it down, but I must have jumped 300 feet into the air. I looked behind me, and felt my stomach sink. The rapid decent back to the Earth, and the fact the spider had chosen to follow me, aided the sinking of my stomach. As the spider went to catch me in midair.. I awoke.

    • I have no idea how to interpret dreams. That one is scary. Big hairy spiders are definitely scary. Maybe take liverworst out of your diet? πŸ™‚

      • Mike Vasquez

        Haha, I don’t have liverworst in my diet, but thanks for the suggestion. I should mention that I am *deathly* afraid of spiders… as in: run-away-screaming-like-a-little-girl TERRIFIED.

  13. First, this line is absolutely stellar:

    “in order to dream in color, you must have some experience with vision”

    Second, I’m 100% believing that your dream was accurate to the T. I am confident that you will be there dancing until your shoes wear out. I have a feeling we’ll find how accurate this is sooner than later!

    • does that mean I might have to skewer Kevin McAllister and Jennifer Grey is going back to her old nose?

      oh, you meant about that other one. I’ll be there with my Jimmy Choos on (ok, first, someone has to send me Jimmy Choos, because goodness knows I can’t afford them) and a plane ticket… I’m going to dream, now, shall I?

  14. I won’t play the “interpreter” of dreams, because, well, I’m not one of them. As to me personally dreaming. I have to say, I don’t dream much, and if I do, I don’t remember at all. It’s kind of frustrating.

    I do remember one dream I had where I was sitting in an ass (don’t laugh, it’s true) backwards and was heading towards a mountain. The weird part is that while I was riding on my ass, there was a “star war”. There were space ships fighting each other with lasers. Yeah, weird I know.

  15. Hey hey Kristin! If your sister-channeled-via-Charlie-Sheen/Macaulay-Culkin-headed-ant dream comes true, I would like to have the first film rights. I know you haven’t seen my work yet, but this could be an epic masterpiece. Well, Tim Burton might want a shot at it, too. Okay, just give me second dibbs on it. πŸ™‚

  16. As a child, I dreamt occasionally of being in a bus wreck and becoming paralyzed. I was in a bus wreck in the 8th grade, but it was someone else who ended up paralyzed from it. She was a senior in High School when it happened. In spite of this, she has kept her faith and love of God.

    • What an amazing story – prophetic dreams sometimes come true in ways we don’t expect.

      When my grandfather died, I was with everyone at the hospital. God had given me a dream that my grandfather would not survive his small procedure. So, while everyone else was praying that he would live, I shifted my prayer focus to praying for them to have peace over the situation. I didn’t feel right telling others of my dream, but I could pray about their reactions to his death.

  17. > Have you ever had a prophetic dream
    I’ve had way too many.

    Vision really is a skill that grows with deliberate practice and experience.

    • I think a lot of people miss that – that vision isn’t something instantaneous and needs to be cultivated.

      • That’s true of any spiritual gift, as well.

        And of course, as with our other spiritual gifts, anything coming from it needs to be checked against Scripture to be sure we’re consistent with God’s revealed truth in His Word. That’s how we avoid being led astray by deceptions.

  18. On the list of random things that cause nightmares, some commercial or other also claims that cold air blowing on you while you sleep can do so.

  19. To me, your dream means Tony is the bomb, and you were luck enough to be on the guest list. πŸ™‚

    Weirdest dream?
    I once dreamt that the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz was trying to attack me with her broom – I was sleeping in my dream, I awoke to see her, grabbed the cup of water on my nightstand – splashed her and she melted. Is that weird?

  20. So, I’m Dorothy and Falls now. Sweet. I need to come up with your new name. Hmmmm.

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