Deserts in Bloom

Our sermon series during Lent is called “The Land Between.” Pastor has talked about what happens in that desert place between slave and heir, that place of trial and testing. In the past two weeks, we’ve discussed how the Land Between is a fertile ground for Complaint and how the heat sometimes causes us to Meltdown.** I don’t want to pre-empt Pastor’s message, but God has already been dealing with my heart, showing me what’s ahead: Growth.

I wrote about how I wasn’t expecting my harvest yet in 2010, but I honestly didn’t expect to go through another desert before I was able to reap that harvest. Here I am, spiritually, wandering the desert and desperately trying to funnel any and all water God provides into my dry mouth. I’m quick to hold on to passages of Scripture that drift my way, grasping every word like a message.

I wander and pull at roots, trying to suck the moisture out of anything that might still have life, the mail might have a check, that commercial on TV might have a hidden message from the Lord, if I look hard enough and cock my head to the side, I’ll catch the symbolic answers written on the service station wall. It’s probably there, right next to the number for Lindsey and over the crude drawing of anatomy.

Anything green could be useful, if only I’m open and receptive and ready. I’m ready. I’m vigilant. I’m… still thirsty.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. – Isaiah 43:19


But God is doing a new work in me and he’s doing it in the Church. At our Church home, he’s sending out shoots. Those who previously hated the idea of worshiping with instruments are now clamoring for more contemporary worship; some who disliked our outreach programs are eager, now, to donate, connect and serve. I am finding that people I previously thought I disliked have been a blessing to me.

And, it happened when no one was looking. We are taken unawares, at times, by desert growth. Night blooming flowers flourish after dusk and appear as if by surprise the next day. What I see as desert, God sees as a canvas, waiting to be painted. It’s going to happen, here, any morning. I’m going to awake to find Spring in the desert, my promise in full bloom.

What areas of your life are in desert mode? Where do you see shoots of green?

**The links launch a sermon player, where you can hear the past messages in this series.


23 responses to “Deserts in Bloom

  1. I love this and I’m so excited that you are beginning to see plants bloom in the desert. I know this is your time, friend.

    I saw this first hand when I was in Israel. As we drove through miles and miles of barrenness in the Negev desert, all of a sudden we would come into a place that appeared to be an oasis. Lush greens, plants and flowers blooming…in the middle of the desert! It was crazy.

    I’m feeling like I’m in the desert in my job. I’m feeling like it’s time for transition and I’m just praying that God shows me exactly when and to where.

  2. So good.

    I’m seeing bloom in what God has done in my families lives over the course of the last few weeks with the move.

    As far as desert…there are a few relationships that need restoring desperately.

  3. Glad to hear things are greening up 🙂 I’m thankful that, no matter how dry the world might feel, we have God’s word, ready to drink any time. We should never go parched, because he already left is the living water! And we’re never filled, because we can never get too much.

  4. “I wander and pull at roots, trying to suck the moisture out of anything that might still have life”…..loved this, and can certainly identify with the neediness of my soul.

    I see shoots of green in my relationships with family right now….tiny shoots – fills me with hope.

    Working relationships are in desert mode right now. Praying through it – seeking, loving, hoping.

  5. In this dessert time of uncertainty regarding my career, I am hesitant and waiting on the Lord. I do see sprinkles of water and light that are causing some sort of quench for my thirst, but I’m not there yet. I want more… clarity, boldness, and truth.

  6. I have to say, I really LOVE that photo you posted – such bright, beautiful colours!

    I am seeing growth in my church too…and that is great! In my own life, I think I’m still in the desert and walking toward the Promised Land. It’s hard waiting though, but all things in His time…right?

  7. Wonderful. I am in the desert in a few areas myself, by I am praying believing and going for an oasis, and until then, Jesus is my well, and He never goes dry.
    Stay by the well, stay near the fresh water in the desert. That your soul might not die of thirst. 😀 Such a blessing, thank you.

  8. “Night blooming flowers flourish after dusk and appear as if by surprise the next day.”

    Boom. So good.

  9. The desert imagery you painted is a great analogy. While us humans may see nothing but endless miles of deadness without water and hope, a little digging under the surface reveals life – life that we couldn’t see without looking for it. If we keep our eyes on the Lord, we won’t be looking at our desolate present state but know that He is with us always.

  10. Hey now! Don’t steal my thunder! Haha! We still have two more stops before growth- but you’re right that is where it leads to!

  11. Definitely in a desert mode in regards to some family situations… we want to be wise with what we have (where money is spent, saved, etc), but we have desires to be elsewhere (location-wise with our house). Enjoyed your post, thanks Kristin.

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