Green In, Green Out

Wendy and I made lunch yesterday, from a kit labeled “Space Alien Pizza.” It was a gift from my cousin, and Wendy might have been a little eager** to try it out.

**Note, when I say “eager,” I mean like possum on sweet potato, Piper on Bell, pit bull on mailman. She couldn’t wait.

I got her started, in her apron, hat, step-stool. We pulled out the cheese and pepperoni and were ready to “roll” 🙂 What I failed to realize is that “Alien” pizza means it’s green. Wen and I proofed the yeast, and then turned to the dough base, and noticed that it came out of the foil wrapper green. We mixed it with the yeast and formed a green ball.

The snot dough ball had to rise, so we watched a movie and colored. Together, we rolled out the green dough. Together, we spread the sauce. Together, we sprinkled cheese. I let her orchestrate her own pepperoni placement and I put our Alien pizza in the oven.

It was green out of the box, it was green being rolled into a ball, it was green when we rolled it out and green when we covered it with sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Somehow, Wendy seemed surprised that it was green emerging from the oven! She declared she would not eat green pizza.

The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him – Luke 6:45


I ate the pizza, but I’m pretty sure pizza shouldn’t be green.

We’ve probably all had a Wendy moment, but we forget, when you put green in, you get green out. If good things go in, good things come out. Evil things go in, evil things come out.

Have you ever been surprised by the result of your effort? What things should never be green?


30 responses to “Green In, Green Out

  1. Hamburgers for sure. In fact, that makes me sick thinking about it.

  2. I’m pretty sure green eggs would be pretty nasty.

  3. Green pizza sounds epic! I want that.

    I think mayo should be green. Because it’s gross and already reminds me of snot.

  4. Garbage in, garbage out. So relevant in what we’re trying to teach our students these days.

    Along with Dustin, green eggs would be gross, but green ham would be grossererer.

  5. In kind of the same vein, we love tacos at our house. Love them. Yes, the cheap, store bought kits. Hate on us for not creating our own taco seasoning, if you must, but we love them…But one day we made them with ground venison. We have made several dishes and meals with ground Bambi, and it was great! but….not….these…..tacos.

    They tasted Game-y and my hungry little 4 year old passed on them altogether.

    Not necessarily garbage in, garbage out, but when we use a substitute for the real thing, sometimes it is inedible and gross…empty praise, empty prayer, insincere worship, reading the Bible just to check a box…

    Didn’t mean to Ramble.

  6. I’m going to say green cheese. For all that we all learned from cartoons that the moon was made of it, I don’t have any desire to eat green cheese.

    Similarly, green milk is a bad idea. I’ve actually seen that on St. Patrick’s Day many years ago. Did not drink it then, do not want to drink it now.

    @Dustin I can only say “I am Sam. Sam I am.”

  7. I’ve been surprised at times that what I put into something is what I get out. You would think I would know that if I put green in, I get green out, but sometimes I’m not that smart.

    As far as what shouldn’t be green – hot dogs. Ever.

  8. Ive planned a couple events half-heartedly, and then been “surprised” when no one showed up. You get what you give, I guess.

    I remember there was green (and purple) ketchup for awhile. Definitely not cool. Is eat green pizza though. Id eat anything called pizza.

    • ketchup might not be so bad in green – I like tomatillo sauce and green hatch chili sauce, and they’re both green.

      I’m with you on events that no one shows to. Who’d a thought, eh?

  9. I puked a little when you said, when green comes in, green comes out. Yeah, that’s true! :0

    As for what shouldn’t be green in food? Milk shakes. Yeah, any drink with milk should never be green. Puke!!!

  10. I would think that beer should not be green, but I have found out that I am okay with it after all.

  11. Piper on Bell – LOVE IT!

  12. Potato chips should never be green. But if you look carefully, you’ll find one in every bag. They pay someone to put them in there.

  13. I know I’ve been shocked when something went in green and came out the same way. Isn’t time supposed to heal all wounds and all that jazz? Gotta deal with the junk, otherwise it comes out eventually. Great post, Kristin. Thanks.

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