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How did April sneak up on me this quickly? I’m going to be using April (Tax Day, Earth Day, Easter, etc) to focus on Stewardship. I’ll be straight with you: stewardship has never been my favorite subject, mostly because I have a fear of numbers and I’ve always associated stewardship with money.

There’s so much more to stewardship, though, and during April, we’re going to take a look at all of them. An oft overlooked aspect of stewardship is talents. My buddy Jason asked last week if anyone had hidden talents. I have double-jointed thumbs (or something to that effect), and can cross each of my thumbs over the bottom knuckles of my hand, and while doing so, play do-a-deer on the piano, backward.

It’s not going to win the novelty category on Star Search, but, I did make a short video about my weird thumb-thing.

Now, how can I use that talent for God’s glory? I probably can’t. But, God has given me other talents that I’ve kept hidden. I sing. I’m not great, and I can’t hit all the notes that others have, but, I have a desire to sing, can follow along, learn new songs quickly and more importantly, want to use it to praise my heavenly Father.

Tell me about your hidden talent(s). Which one would make David Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks segment? Which ones can you use for the glory of God?


30 responses to “Star Search

  1. Whoa that’s wild! I cant even roll my tongue!

    Stupid tricks huh? I can spit really far. Not sure anyone would care about that one.

    I’m a pretty good singer too. Never made any millions though.

  2. Oh snap I almost forgot…I’m like superhuman good at tetris and arm wrestling. Those should definitely make me millions one day.

  3. Well…there was a time when I was most proud of my ability to thread a spaghetti noodle straight back through my nasal passage. Kind of like sword swallowing, but with my nose and a noodle.

    As for other talents…It took me a long time to realize that the reason love teaching children about God and they love it when I teach is because God gave me a talent for it. The gift of “Sunday School teaching” so to speak, has one obvious application. ; P But I do hope that in the future I can get out of our little church and teach needier kids who have less access to God.

    As for other ‘talents’ I’m still in shock that God is blessing my writing. But since he is blessing it, I feel the imperative to do my best and keep at it.

    • I have no doubt you’re the coolest SS teacher there, mostly because I can “hear” you teaching the lessons now.

      I’m working on Eminent Domain, now, and can’t wait to read both fully and write my review!

  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    My hidden talent isn’t so much a talent as it is a fact. My fingers are naturally crooked. Boom, winning. Seriously, my index, middle and pinky fingers on both hands curve in towards my ring fingers, which are the only straight ones of the bunch. I guess if there’s a “trick” associated with this, it’s the ability to be able to play guitar and bass not hampered by my inward-curving digits.

    What talents do I have that are Kingdom-useful? I’m a writer, so naturally I come up with creative ideas. I’m able to come up with an analogy for almost anything, provided I know enough about the two things to draw parallels. It’s awesome when I’m looking for a way to explain what God’s doing in my life or why something that doesn’t clearly look like sin is like something that does clearly look like sin (ask me later why abortion rhetoric is like pro-slavery rhetoric).

    Similarly, I’m able to understand legalese. I signed a lease a few years ago with both roommates sitting on either side of me while I read it line by line and explained it in layman’s (i.e. redneck) terms. I’m able to pick apart a bill that’s up for vote and tell you what it’s really saying, even though it’s the most complex run-on sentence you’ve ever seen.

    So there you go. Maybe when I retire from teaching I’ll get a job reading and digesting law books for lawyers. Boom. Winning.

  5. That is pretty amazing.

    I have some pretty good control over my toes – pick up stuff, use one foot to crack the other foot’s toes, etc. Don’t know about playing the piano, though….. 🙂

  6. This was awesome! In a gross kind of way. My little sister can do that with her shoulders. She can hold her hands together and put her arms over her head behind her back. I don’t know if I’m explaining that right but it looks crazy.

    I have the ability to gleek freakishly far. It’s like a monsoon coming out from under my tongue. It’s my favorite secret weapon.

    And yeah, even if you could put your legs behind your back…I don’t recommend ever posting that video. You look beautiful by the way!

    • I would be tempted to say your secret weapon should stay a secret… maybe, unless we’re at risk of being invaded from space ants and a gleek is our only chance.

      And, should I ever learn how to do that, I’ll keep that talent hidden as well. Thank you! (blush)

  7. First of all: gross (and kind of cool).

    Second, Keep singing your heart out!

    Third: I like to believe my gift is teaching (I do it at church). Even if I’m not great at it, I do have a passion for it.

    Fourth: The double handed armpit fart.

  8. Hmm..I don’t think I have any secret talents…

  9. I don’t have any hidden talents, unless you count falling asleep at the drop of a hat? Does that count? Also, I get uncontrollably giggly when I attempt to lift a heavy ojbect. I don’t know if it’s a stupid human trick so much as something my hubby finds incredibily UNuseful when moving. LOL

    As for using my talents for Him…hmmmm, what about encouraging others and making newbies feel welcome? Or is that a gift? What’s the difference between a gift and a talent?!! A series on stewardship sounds often. I hope you cover the topic of “time” because that’s my hardest one.

    • I am planning on talking about time this week! I have a difficult “time” with time management, and because I can’t seem to say “no” to projects and committees and classes, and, well, you see.

      Falling asleep quickly is a talent, and, I dare say, I’m quite envious. Forgive me!

  10. If my talents are hidden, doesn’t that make them just weird things I do in private, since they are hidden after all?

    I can remain motionless for hours, and blend in with my surroundings, with the help of proper camo, of course. Hours. I guess this would be a “hidden talent” since I remain hidden the whole time. Imagine that.

  11. I can touch my nose with my tongue and say the New Testament books of the Bible backwards–but not at the same time. As for hidden talent to glorify God–most of mine are out in the open. I think at least.

  12. The one “stupid human trick” for which I had the most fame back in elementary school was my ability to reach my arm around behind my head and across in front and scratch the cheek on the side my arm came from. Lots of people can scratch the opposite cheek but apparently scratching the originating cheek is rarer.

  13. As for talents God can use, listening and empathy are pretty high on my list. I’m that non-threatening person that people tell all sorts of things. I usually remember to find out if they actually want any input or just needed to talk before offering advice. Not always, but most of the time. :>

    • you’re right – sometimes people don’t expect or even want the listener to solve their problems, just listening is enough. Sounds like a kingdom talent to me!

  14. I can’t do anything nearly as cool as that.

  15. I can do that same weird thumb thing too! Weird eh? We can add that to the fact that we’re both pop culture professors 🙂 Nice site ya got here.

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