We have 7 days, multiplied by 24 hours in a day, which means 168 hours per week.

7 days, multiplied by 7 hours of sleep, means we spend 49 out of those 168 in bed.

7 days, multiplied by 3 hours spent preparing, eating and cleaning up after meals, means we spend 21 hours out of those 168 thinking about our stomachs.

7 days, multiplied by 1 hour getting ourselves and/or our children dressed means we spend 7 hours out of those 168 thinking about our appearance.

Subtract a 40 work week.

Minus 5 hours for commute (and I’m being conservative, here!)

In 2009, the average adult internet user spend 13 hours per week online. I’m pretty sure I have helped raise that average.

In 2009, the Dept of Labor Statistics reported that the average American watches 2.8 hours of TV per day, or 19.6 per week.

Take that total – 154.6 and subtract from 168 = 13.4 hours left.

That’s not including my child’s swimming lessons, soccer practice, our board meetings, waiting in line at school to pick up my daughter, watering my no-longer-green lawn, visiting with grandparents, helping with homework, housework or bathroom breaks. We’re always trying to squeeze at least 169 out of our 168 allotted hours.

But seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you as well – Matthew 6:33


Notice, I didn’t mention time spent in prayer, time spent in the Word, time spent preaching or teaching or sharing or serving. Where do those fit in? Do they represent the firstfruits of your time? Are you putting the Kingdom of God first and letting God add the time for the rest, or, are you squeezing God into that invisible and mirage-like 169th hour?

How are your time management skills? How can we ensure that we’re being good stewards of our time?

How many hours do you spend “online” per week?


24 responses to “169/168

  1. I’d like to say my time mgmt skills are pretty good… but every once in a while I find myself scrambling trying to get things done. While I’m pretty good at checking things off my list, managing out my day, I still have a measure of procrastination in me… 🙂

    Online… Lord, I have no idea. Don’t even want to know. I’m online all day at work. I check my phone throughout the day for emails/tweets. I’ll type up a blog a few days a week before bed. Countless hours.

    • I’m not terrible at time management, but at least once a semester, I screw up royally in that department. This semester, it happened yesterday, and got me thinking about this post.

  2. I’m afraid to post how many hours/dayI spend online, LOL! Some days are better than others though (meaning less time online).

    Time management skills…well, in some areas there could be a vast improvement, other areas I don’t have any problems.

    As for giving God of the firstfruits of my time – I try to get up and read my Bible and do some prayer at the beginning of the day, before I do anything else (though usually I need to make coffee first so I can wake myself up enough to understand what I’m reading). Some days I don’t though, and I usually feel it at some point in the run of the day.

    • I need to start waking up to read my Bible and pray – especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I usually sleep in… I’m alone and could really spend some time with God, but I usually end up spending time with my pillow!

  3. Time management for me all depends on the day…UGH there are days like today when I am so tired this morning that time management will be an issue, all be it the least of my issues though. And then there are days like yesterday where somehow I managed my time well and got a lot done. (just didn’t sleep well)
    As for time online…well, since I have it up at work all day, more than I care to admit! 🙂

    • being online at work all day really runs those weekly totals up – I used to spend all day every day online at my work computer and it did a number on my eyes and back and heart.

      Thanks, April – and it does depend on the day, doesn’t it?

  4. Bam…you brought it today messiahmom. Really timely for me as I evaluate my activities and hobbies and stuff. Who would have guessed the Babychild would take up so much time!

    All in all, I think I do pretty well, except my sleep really suffers. I”d like to get back to a place where I’m getting 6-7hrs a night…sigh.

    • children do tend to take up more time than we anticipate. Sleeping better isn’t always sleeping longer, sometimes, it’s minimizing those night-time wakings, which, I assume, you can’t help right now!

  5. ah…time. we all have the same amount and somehow, some folks get far more done with theirs than I. whew. (first…I came by way of Tony, through Michael, through Bill the Cycle Guy to settle onto your very first post about the cat-prayer). And I must say, I’m glad I traveled took the cyberspace journey. Your writing is so fresh and alive and sooo very un-forced…natural.

    The older I get the more aware I am of time. Goes with the hourglass losing sand…yet, even at my age, I realize time with God is infinitely better spent and never squandered than all the other “stuff” I do with it. Thanks. selahV

    • I appreciate you following the online highway here and taking the time to comment.

      I think I’m going to revisit the aspect of time stewardship again this month, because there’s so much about time and timing that we take for granted. Welcome!

  6. I think I’m pretty good at managing my time – getting stuff done early, making sure I’m making good use of my free time by reading, studying scripture, praying, getting some Ignite stuff done, but time online…HA! I spend way too much time online, mostly because my PT job is handling the FB and Twitter accounts for a community college. I have to be online, to respond to posts, update our FB and Twitter pages and make sure no one is posting spam on our page.

    It doesn’t help that I have an iPhone and can take FB and Twitter with me everywhere I go. YIKES!

    • taking the internet everywhere with you and being expected to participate in social media is a huge brick, especially when you want to unplug from the world and plug into the things of God.

  7. Let us all thank Kristin for making us feel guilty that we spend too much time online and not enough on our spiritual practices. Thank you kristin!!! 🙂

    Seriously, I spend a lot of time online. My job is spent in front of a computer and doing research online. I’m always connected on my iPhone and I have a Mac that runs 24 hrs in my home. It only sleeps and never shuts down. So yeah, online is my life. I do have lots of spiritual responsibilities in Church, so I do spend lots of time studying, reading, research and praying for direction, so I do manage it somewhat OK.

    However, I lack some serious sleep. I know that’ll catch up with me eventually.

    • hey, I’m preaching to myself, here, if you happen to feel conviction, well, that’s the work of the Holy Spirit, man, and I can’t take credit for that. 😉

  8. My TM skills are not bad. I stay on top of my calendar and manage during it the day to make sure I’m on track.

    Jeez, Kristin, I have no idea. I know that I’m usually trying to find ways to spend less time online. I’m communications director for a small biz software firm, so part of my job is to be on social media – researching marketing trends, public relations, etc. It’s exhausting and fun at the same time!

    • being in communication(s) does mean more time online, and I’m really guilty, because I teach an online class, so, my kids think I’m ALWAYS working, because I’m ALWAYS on my computer! Sounds like you have some of the same problems. On a completely unrelated note, now that we’re fb friends, I have to say, your wife is a strikingly beautiful woman! I know you know that, but I just thought I would pass along my comment, too.

      I need to learn how to set limits on my time before I ever get started, to be more mindful of how I spend it.

      • I will pass that along to her Kristin – thank you!

        Right! Being on the computer = working. I’m getting better at setting boundaries on these things. When I get home, I put my phone in the other room so it’s not a distraction, computer goes in the same room. Out of sight – out of mind.

  9. My time management skills have improved out of necessity. But I don’t think I’m getting enough sleep. I really think that……zzzzzzzz

  10. My time-management skills suck. I try to convince myself that I’m a good multi-tasker, but I’m really just easily distracted. I work best when I shut out distractions and work on only one thing at a time. That gets increasingly hard with my iPhone, Tweet Deck open, emails chiming and music playing.

    I’m working on it. Seriously, I am.

    I don’t watch TV so I spend at least 30 hours a week online. Easily. That’s not including most of the day at work. Wow. I may have a problem.

    • And through this post, I think I’ve caused many people to take the first step toward recovery.

      I’m glad you’re online, though, because you use your time online to encourage so many, and I, for one, need it. call me your internet enabler

  11. I’m good sometimes and terrible other times. Love how you broke it down here though. We try to say ‘we don’t have time’ for this or that, but it’s always a matter of priorities. Thanks Kristin.

    • thanks, Jason! my priorities sometimes get really skewed, and other times I just run out of time, like time I would love to be spending reading the gazillions of great blog posts out there!

  12. Although I’ve gotten better at my time with God lately, I’m still not in the place I would like to be. I know that I waste more time than I’d like to admit, but I am still seeking to put Him first. I believe that I’m on my way, but I always need gentle reminders like this to keep me focused on it. Great post!!

    • I’m supposed to be teaching my college students about time management this semester. I’m just glad they don’t follow me home, because I needed this post to lay it out for me to “see” my blind spots.

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