I am terrible about surprises. I don’t want to wait. I hate to wait. It’s all I can do when reading a mystery novel not to check the last chapter to see if I’m right about who the killer might be. I peek at all the red and green-wrapped Christmas presents or wrangle from my sister who got what for whom.

cartoon courtesy of Savage Chickens

I’m like that about the things of God. I want what was promised to have come in yesterday. I want to see how his plan for my life plays out right now. I want what I want, and I want it immediately.

Did you catch that? I want what I want. Impatience, even for the things of God, means that I am attempting to circumvent His divine timing. I’m trying to bring the gifts and magnitude of God under my own imperfect tutelage.

Even though surprises are better when they come out of nowhere, or the anticipation builds to astronomical heights, I still want to ruin it, every single time. What is wrong with me? Wait, don’t answer that.

But those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength – Isaiah 40:31


Here is my pledge: I’m going to stop trying to peek. I’m going to stop lifting up the corners of the wrapping paper.

I want to know I’m on the right way with God, following after Christ, but as long as I’m following that, I’m not going to resort to all those silly methods to see what the future holds and trust he’s preparing an amazing surprise for me.

Does this mean I won’t still dream? absolutely not. God places dreams on our hearts, but I won’t force my temporal desires to dress up in the trappings of a dream.

Does this mean I won’t set goals? absolutely not, but if God shifts my direction, I’m going His way.

Does this mean that I won’t be shaking boxes or looking for receipts come Christmas time? absolutely not. I’m a saint of God, not a Saint.

How are you with surprises? What happens when you know something great is coming, but can’t have it yet?


30 responses to “Impatient

  1. Wow…I’m guessing you “Overnight” stuff huh?…even for 5 bucks more! lol…

    I consider my self a pretty patient person…i have to be because of my heart condition…but that’s beside the point…I just am….BUT…and thats a BIG BUT…..when it comes to the things of God….the all hell brakes loose for my patience!….

    We always pray at our church for our loved ones to be saved….and that takes a whole lotta patience….

    I want to be able to pay my bills by doing my dream of music….and that takes a whole lotta patience plus a month….

    I want to go to the doctor one day and have him say that ….”Hey! what the heck happened to your heart!!! There is nothing wrong with it any more!!!” and i would respond…”honestly sir, i never thought there was anything wrong with my heart…it knew there was something wrong with your machines since i was born!”

    I’ve heard it said Patience is a virtue….but I have no idea what that means…lol….So…i’m ok waiting 7-10 buisness days for a book….but NOT for my family to be saved…..for my dreams to come true….and for healing of disease….but that’s the way I thing we are all wired in some form or other….

    • My sister had a bone infection when she was a baby that the doctors told us would cripple her. After a month of painful tests and hospital stays, there was no more sign of infection, she learned to walk by holding onto her bed rails. There wasn’t something wrong with their machines, but there was something really right about a God who heals.

      I don’t know what patience as a virtue means, either, but in that way, I’m not very virtuous, am I?

  2. I love when surprises happen to me because I didn’t have to wait at all – it just happened. That’s fantastic.

    I’m less good about being the surprise holder. I have to tell SOMEONE. Understand that if you tell me a secret, I WILL be telling my spouse. He knows everything, always. If I know it, he knows it. That usually helps me keep secrets from everyone else.

    But I don’t like waiting either. Anyone who follows my tweets knows that because I tweet about it with frightening regularity.

    And when I’m dealing with God stuff, it can be way worse. I don’t like waiting for those things at all. But I trust that his timing is good.

    • Oh, I can’t keep a surprise, either, to save my life. I think it’s because I would want someone to tell me!

      how was the meet-up with our two mutual friends? I want to get to hang out with all of you in real time and a common locale!!

  3. Here’s an interesting one, when the preacher at church begins his sermon, I am already breaking down every possibility of the conclusion and application of his sermon. Yeah, I’m that nut. I just don’t like to wait.

    Well, I did save myself for marriage. I’m such a good boy!

    • I do the same thing with the sermon. Worst yet, Pastor will say something, I write that down and I’m jotting down possible connections without hearing the rest. I think he reads this blog, and now, I’m busted!

  4. Interestingly enough, I feel like I’m a pretty patient person. While I want to know the outcome right away, I’m determined enough to say to myself “Self, let it go.” LOL.

    I suppose that is what we did with not finding out the gender of all three of our kids before they were born. πŸ™‚

    • I’m in awe, and also, slightly annoyed that you have such patience. I would do a hold up and take you for all the patience you’re worth πŸ˜‰

      • Jonathan B

        Ha! “do a hold up and take you for all the patience you’re worth” had me cackling. Thanks, Kristin!

  5. I’m very impatient. But I do love the feeling that we get when we know something great is going to happen. hard to explain.

  6. I hate surprises but I love to be surprised. If that makes sense.

    Recently God has been teaching me what it means to pray “give us this day our daily bread”. I’m not praying for the week or the month or the year. I’m learning to live day to day with the provision He’s given me. It’s been hard but in the times I’ve been obedient, it’s been pretty amazing.

    And all I can say is VERUCA SALT!!

    • I like that daily business. The Israelites got into a bit of trouble when manna wasn’t enough for them any more and they started craving meat. I’ll be content for God to provide what I need day-to-day.

      But Daddy, I want one now!

  7. I tend to be impatient and want results immediately…but with lots of things I can be pretty patient. When it comes to gifts (Christmas, birthday, etc.) I hate ruining the surprise. I hate to even try to guess in case I’m right. When we were younger, my older brother would shake all his gifts and say what he thought they were (he was pretty accurate), he’d peek by lifting up the corners of wrapping paper, and even a time or two he’d snoop in my parents’ room to see if he could find the presents. Me, on the other hand, never did any of those things. I hated finding out before the big day.

    With the things/promises of God…I tend to want them now. I’m learning that it doesn’t happen that way…and it’s probably better if I wait.

  8. I look at the last page, but mostly just to see what the last sentence is. First and last sentences are absolutely pivotal in a book, so I want to see where the author is gonna end it.

  9. For the most part I’m pretty patient, unless the tension is unbearable to the point where I convince myself that I need to take action. That happens 1% of the time.

    • If you could stand next to Dustin, so I could rob you both of your patience, I would appreciate it!

      • Jonathan B

        Hmm. If they stood apart, think you could get enough patience from robbing one to be able to endure the travel wait to rob the other one? πŸ™‚

  10. I love surprises, at least I love good surprises. I’m very impatient when it comes to the things I think I want. If I knew something good was coming, I would patiently and eagerly wait in anticipating. It’s the not knowing at all if something will happen that kills me. I want what I want, too. I’d probably do well to take your pledge.

    • I’m going to have a difficult time with it. Tony’s daily bread prayer is going to be in the back of my mind, now, and I’m hoping my pledge can approach that… pray for me!

  11. I used to be terrible with surprises, but I’ve gotten a lot better (I think). Impatience is a hard one, but you’re right, we have to trust Him and go where He leads. That relationship is the most thing we cultivate and maintain. Good post! Thank you, Kristin.

  12. I love surprises, but I am surrounded by people who like to spill the beans on my surprises. It’s terrible.

  13. My problem isn’t usually impatience so much as that I want to know my future so I can analyze it and plan every second of it. So I have ot work at remembering that my plans are not as good as God’s plans for me. It’s something I’m working on.

  14. I think I’m pretty good with surprises. I know what it feels like ot have one ruined, so I’m pretty respectful of the effort someone is putting in πŸ™‚

    When I was a kid, I found more than a few Christmas gifts ahead of time, and it always ruined the surprise for me. I think I learned a lot from that.

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