Advice against the advice

Today, I inch toward infamy, er, famosity, no, dang, I don’t know where I rank on the famous scale, but I am busting out of the format I’ve created here on Messiah Mom to guest post for my good buddy, Knox McCoy.

A few weeks ago, he wrote a piece about the wealth of knowledge in Men’s Health Magazine, and I thought it was ridiculously funny and well-researched, so, of course, I thought, I can write one better. 😉

That led to this: Let Me Call You Prince Kissy Face, a blog post about copper lipstick, Sesame Street, cuddle grenades and worst of all – pet names for your partner.

Why haven’t you clicked on the link yet? Are you afraid Cosmo will tell you that you’re doing life all wrong? it probably will, but I still think you have cool potential.


5 responses to “Advice against the advice

  1. Headin over now!!

  2. This should be good…

  3. Dang, guest posts are hot right now. Just when I was finally working up the nerve, and haircut, to post a vlog.

  4. The link’s not working for me. Is anyone else having trouble?

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