Shaken, not stirred

One guy, upon learning that I graduated with a degree in English, tried to impress me with his love for Shakespeare. He waxed poetic about sonnets and tragedy, and by waxing poetic, of course, I mean, he recited knowledge gleaned from Wikipedia, with vigor. When I asked what he knew of As You Like It, my favorite of Shakespeare’s plays, he fell silent. He claimed to know all about love, and Shakespeare, but was so green, couldn’t quote Silvius.

From our current sermon series

No, Corin, being old, thou canst not guess,
Though in thy youth thou wast as true a lover
As ever sigh’d upon a midnight pillow:
But if thy love were ever like to mine–
As sure I think did never man love so–
How many actions most ridiculous
Hast thou been drawn to by thy fantasy?
– Act II, Scene 4

Love isn’t love until it compels us to the extraordinary. Until that point, it’s all a warm “like” you might give someone on Facebook when they announce they’ve found a new job.

Love shakes us to the core, radically transforms life as we thought we knew it. Love changes situations and it changes the people in those situations. People are very comfortable with “like” but love makes us uncomfortable. “Like” stirs us and may move us, but love alters us completely.

Do you think God calls us to “like” or to love?

Ask Abraham who lay his beloved son on the altar and prepared to offer him as a sacrifice. Because God called. Ask Job who lost it all and sat, ridiculed by his friends and neighbors. Because God called. Ask Elijah who walked without a map or itinerary or plan. Because God called. Ask Samuel who served. Ask Esther who interceded. Ask Moses who led. Ask Joshua who marched. Ask the disciples who suffered torture and death. Because God called them to love and not “like.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin which so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us – Romans 12:1


I want to be shaken. I want my foundation rearranged.

I’ll ask you as Silvius does in As You Like ItHow many actions most ridiculous hast thou been drawn to by thy fantasy?

I’m afraid Silvius would say, based on my actions, that I’m merely a lukewarm lover, that I’ve been stirred, but not shaken, that I have not truly loved because I have not stepped out in love to the ridiculous.

What crazy act of love have you performed? What has God called you to do for which the world would call you crazy?


32 responses to “Shaken, not stirred

  1. Wow…I “like” this post…

    crazy act of love? hmmmm….I threw my Mom a Suprise 50th birthday party….does that count?…..

    Making a record with just my band and one sound guy…..That is pretty far fetch for someone who wants to go into the music industry….I think people think it’s crazy….but we feel called to do it….so even if it sounds crappy from unexperienced peeps…..but at least we are proclaiming the name of Jesus….and that’s all that matters to us….

    • let me know when it’s available for download and/or purchase. I might need to review the album

      • Well, there is something you should know , that I don’t think I’ve mentioned…unless you’ve seen it at my blog….

        It’s a SPANISH worship album….I do have English songs that i’ve written but not recorded yet…But we do both Spanish and English…Last year we played at a wedding all in English…so we can do whatever….i’ll let you know when I do both or just English…unless for some crazy reason you understand Spanish! lol…

      • yeah, I don’t know Spanish. 😦 I’ll either need a translator or wait for the English version

  2. Wow, thanks for this post. It’s really well-written and poignant.

    I’d say “I love this” but that would sound far too cliche, right?

    “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.” Love is from God and of God. Love cannot help but change us. God is the only one who can love without changing, because He has always loved.


  3. I’ve been performing quite a few crazy acts of love as of late. It’s been worth every sacrifice. I’m like you. I don’t just want to be shaken or stirred, I want to be absolutely rearranged and rendered completely uncomfortable!

  4. There is no greater act of love than sharing the cross with sinners. Not just in word or “literature” but actual relationships and conversation. Just yesterday I had a chance to speak with a high school senior about the Lord. I gave him a Bible and he promised to read it. I’ll be catching up with him soon.

    • I hate when people shove a tract in someone’s hand and then walk away. Who does that benefit? not the Kingdom, surely.

      Following up and creating relationships are so important.

      • Jonathan B

        Don’t be too quick to discount those, Kristin. I have known and known of several people who were saved by a tract someone shoved in their hand or left laying around. Shoving a tract in someone’s hand may be all the courage that person can muster as of yet. And sometimes it’s God’s ninja attack, so to speak. I have known of people who are Christians now that had a tract shoved in their hand by a person who vanished too quick for them to refuse it, thrust it into their pocket because they had nowhere to throw it away at that moment, and God kept it in that pocket till a moment of need when He could speak through its rediscovery.

        That’s not to say that creating relationships isn’t vitally important and powerful. It absolutely is. But God can work through many things.

  5. When you said, “Love isn’t love….” right after the quote from Shakespeare, I thought you were going to say that love isn’t love unless you can quote Shakespeare…boy, was I wrong! lol

    Very thought provoking. I don’t know if I’ve performed any acts of love lately…at least that I’m aware of. I’ve taken my mom on some errands and went for breakfast with her and some of her friends, and I paid for my mom’s breakfast…I guess that could be an act of love. Might not be what you are meaning though…

    • ahh— the unexpected actual point, sometimes I have them.

      I think what you do for your mom is definitely love. I imagine that she’s grateful to you, too.

  6. Remind me never to date you. πŸ˜‰


    P.S. I’m glad you didn’t fall for Mr. Wikepedia.

  7. All this talk about being shaken and not stirred is making me think of Bond, James Bond, and his love for martinis.

    Seriously though, great post!

  8. Here’s a thought: love isn’t love until it costs you something. That just kinda came to me. I’m really good at coming up with good catch phrases on the fly.

    But it’s true. What have you given up to love someone? What have you relinquished? What are you not expecting back? That’s love.

    • I think you’re absolutely right. I don’t think I’ve given up nearly enough to love some people, because just a little more sacrifice on my part could have changed things dramatically.

  9. Crazy act of love? Random, but I remember serving an old college friend by packing up his dorm room, packing up my car, and driving him home (4 hours out of the way) to he could spend break with his family. Worth it.

    • serving as love — that’s where it’s it. I love helping others, and always wonder why I don’t do it more, because that feeling is more rewarding than anything else

  10. Funny enough, I had to update As You Like It for a HS sophomore English project. I have no idea what my partner and I did anymore but the story has remained stuck in my head.

    One of the crazier things I’ve done was moving to Nashville for the sole purpose of becoming more dependent on God. Love was at the root of that action, but I’d never thought of it before in those terms. Thanks for making me think!

    • It’s such a good example of Shakespearean comedy – has all the elements.

      Your story is a good one, and I love that you followed in obedience — following where He led.

  11. I’ve definitely been shaken and stirred quite a bit over these last four months. As I have fallen in love with Tony I have asked myself, “Has my heart loved until now?” (<— Romeo and Juliet) Loving him has been the most uncomfortable yet life changing time of my whole life. I've never had to sacrifice so much, but yet be so willing to do so. I have never been more challenged in all my life, but I've also never been more in love or felt more free. I'm not the same Katie I was before I met Tony. Praise God for the refining power of ridiculous love!!!

  12. “Love isn’t love until it compels us to the extraordinary.” The bard himself would love that line.

    Beautiful post. Crazy acts of love. Yup.

  13. Great post. Definitely made me think.

    I’m afraid I don’t have much to add. I can’t think of any acts of love that I’ve done lately… Wait, last week I did watch a friend’s kids and the kids she babysits so her husband could go with her to the doctor (she had a miscarriage). It’s small, but it’s something. πŸ™‚

  14. Sweet words, Kristin. Romans 12:1 is one of my favorite verses.
    I’m performing a crazy act right now in preparation for our 13 year anniversary. I’ve created 10 clues for Lynnette to try and guess what we’re doing in July. So far, she hasn’t been able solve the puzzle! It’s building excitement in both of us – in many ways! πŸ™‚ I have also spent many seasons where I became way too comfortable and just let life happen – hate that place. I’d rather be uncomfortable and messy than comfortable and neat.

  15. This is a great post, because in this individualistic society, people have lost all sense of real love. Shakespeare is talking about not just “loving a lot”, as you pointed out. That quote is all about being completely undone by love. Wasted by it. I think of the woman with the jar of alabaster. That, in my opinion, is one of the greatest examples of love in the Bible. She lets her hair down in front of a group of men (totally scandalous and exposing of her). She breaks an incredibly expensive jar of perfume over Jesus’ feet, one that she couldn’t afford. She not only makes a complete fool of herself, but she makes everyone else uncomfortable as well. Real love is so beautifully destructive, that it is wild and wasteful and lavish it is in breaking out to enthrall and disrupt everyone in its wake. Wow, do I long to be capable of loving like that! Great post.

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