Let Him Lead

My tiny dancers got to waltz, two-step and hip hop their shoes off at a wedding on Friday. At first, they danced with one another.

Then, they danced with me.

My mother is not the world's best photog...

**I deeply regret that what I’m about to relay has no photographic evidence: Then, as I was sashaying around the floor with my ultra-handsome date (who felt compelled to go buy something in brown because I said my dress was brown, but it actually looked gray- sorry, Mr.!), I felt a bit of a blur rush past me.

That blur, as it turned out, was Mia, dancing on past me with A BOY! He’d asked her to be his partner and everything. I’d noticed him before, getting his little boy groove on, which was adorable, but dancing with my daughter…

I didn’t have to worry long. Before my green eyes got misty, I could see that even the twinkle-toed Casanova was no match for my bossy baby. She ushered him around the floor like Jack Lemmon’s character in Some Like It Hot.

I leaned over to her after I dragged my placatory partner to the square of floor occupied by the pushy princess and her prince. In her ear, I whispered, “let HIM lead now!”

Ever let something completely hypocritical fly out of your mouth and not catch it until hours or days later? Guilty!

Every instance of not letting HIM lead me came rushing back when I reviewed the scene. Every time I tried a spin or step or flourish without God’s direction, I may have looked like I was dancing, but I was really struggling for control with my infinitely more assured partner.

The steps of a righteous (wo)man are ordered of the Lord – Psalm 37:23


It’s true that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backward, and in heels, but, it was choreographed, precise, determined and she trusted where he led. I want to be like Ginger, letting God lead me in the steps he’s ordered.

What’s your go-to dance move?

As a “dance” partner… how well do you follow?


30 responses to “Let Him Lead

  1. Well, I tend not to dance – I look like a frog in a blender…

    In this “dance” with the Lord, I think I’m failing at letting Him lead. I think He’s trying to…but I’m putting the brakes on. At least that must be what’s happening. I definitely need Him to lead me in my current situation…but I just don’t feel like He is.

  2. don’t have a go-to dance move, but have taken one lesson of swing. didn’t go back because I couldn’t get the night off work beyond that first night.

    i was at a work party a few years ago and dancing with the General Manager. She tried to teach me how to lead, by showing me. It was amazing and whetted my appetite to want to learn more.

  3. I haven’t had someone I could dance with in awhile…can’t even remember the last time, really. My XF wouldn’t dance. That should’ve been a deal breaker then, and it definitely is now.

  4. I’m a dancing fool! I’ve been known to dance a pretty mean two-step, waltz, cotton-eyed Joe, and Schottische in my younger days. Not too many opportunities to dance those nowadays, though. 😦

    I’m getting better at following, but I still have trouble at times believing that God really knows what he’s doing (or at least that he knows better than I do). You’d think after all the years he’s proven himself, I would’ve learned better. I guess I’m just a slow learner.

  5. I’ve always been known to do the running man followed by the harlem shake!….uh…oh….wait……ohhhh yeah!!!! Ha! see?…

    I really don’t dance…..no really….i don’t….

    so I’ve never had a dance partner….not even my wife of 9 years…

    She however….is an excelent Zumba dancer! lol….

  6. I loved this! Let Him lead. This can be particularly difficult for guys who love to be the ones to lead.

    I’m pretty crazy on the dance floor when I’m feeling good. For some reason, Katie thinks I can’t dance. I guess she’ll find out soon enough.

  7. I’m an awesome dancer! I mean, I don’t know how I look to everyone else but I’m too busy having fun to care. I also recommend Living Room Dance Parties on a regular basis. In fact, I think I’ll have one right after I finish this comment:)

    I’m so used to doing everything on my own that it’s a natural progression to believe that my way is best, quickest, easiest instead of letting God lead me. When I intentionally let go of control, good things happen but it’s so hard to remember!

  8. I don’t dance, but I want to learn. I tried to figure out a basic waltz from a text description once. That was kinda hilarious. Taking lessons is on my “someday when I have money and nothing else to spend it on” list.

  9. The other interesting thing about your Fred and Ginger metaphor is that Fred was often the one who guided the coreography as well as the one leading. I think we all have plenty of times we want to be the coreographer and leader instead of God.

  10. This was wonderful Kritin – love dancing; not good at it but love it & this is such a lovely example of how our relationship with God needs to be. Thank you for your ingenious way of sharing this truth! I feel it will be beneficial when I find myself trying to lead!

  11. I’m particular to the Hammer Dance.

  12. Oh, that’s easy. I do the worm. My favorite move. As for following. I like to think I do, but I know sometimes, I want to lead and often, end up leading myself to distress. Still.. these hips don’t lie!

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