Picking a favorite baby

Indulge me in a hypothetical, please. Let’s say that upon your death (in the next 30 days), your assets will be liquidated, everything sold and all the money could be given to only one of your children. Which one inherits the green? Is it the eldest? the youngest? the poorest? the one with the most sense? the boy? the girl? the one you love best?

As a parent, I can tell you that choosing a favorite child is frowned upon. I don’t like to see other people do it and I’d be hard-pressed to choose one of my children over the other, BUT, as my uncle pointed out this weekend, it’s easier to choose a favorite from among your friends’ children.

For instance, I teach at a day care. My oldest daughter is in my class, and while she’s obviously my favorite, there are kids I would take home with me instantly, and ones I’m fine seeing go home with their parents at day’s end. That’s not to say I don’t like them, or wish them ill, they just aren’t my favorite.

When you don’t love children like a parent, it’s easier to see their faults and strengths objectively. There is no objectivity with my own children. I can still see faults and strengths, but over that is a layer of unconditional love.

When we join the family of God, we’re not just anyone’s children, we are God’s children. He doesn’t play favorites with inheritance. No matter who we are, what sins lie in our past, what malice we previously held in our hearts, we still gain the same kingdom.

We are heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ. He isn’t going to divide his grace equally, he gives it to each of us fully.

But we aren’t God, so, how would you pick a favorite baby?

You don’t have to have children to play. You don’t have to be serious. What ultimate methodΒ  you devise for making that hypothetical choice easier?




25 responses to “Picking a favorite baby

  1. Our pastor actually taught along these same lines last Sunday; basically, that there’s nothing we can do that will make God love us any more (or any less) than he already does. That’s some pretty great news, in my humble opinion!

    How would I pick a favorite child? I’d probably let my dog decide for me. He seems to be a pretty good judge of character. πŸ™‚

  2. Love this post, Kristin. Reminds me of some truth God let sink into my heart several months ago.

    As far as picking a favorite child, I’ll go the self-centered route and say whichever child loves me best. Especially if they’re speaking my love language. This is tough because I tell all my family members they’re my favorite, which automatically makes me their favorite. Picking a favorite could then impact my favoriteness status, which would not be good.

  3. I definitely love that God doesn’t look at me with objectivity, and sees me more as a son than anything else. It’s actually the reason I came to Him in the first place.

    As for picking my favorite kid, it would obviously be the one most like me cause, well, I’m awesome. =D

  4. The one most likely to care best for me when I’m old!

  5. I would give it to the daughter who would more likely split her inheritance evenly with her sister. I know that one of my children would be more likely to share than the other. But she isn’t necessarily my favorite.

    I have to admit that at times I have favored one kid over the other, but they
    have both had turns being the favorite, and I always try to ACT impartial, even if I don’t feel impartial.

    • That was my thought as well. I would probably give the money to my oldest because I know she has a giver’s heart and would share with my youngest.

      I think it’s situational, favorites. Some things I enjoying doing with one daughter, for other events or situations, I’d rather hang out with the other. If we’re talking about sharing a bed for the night, I’d do just about anything to avoid having to share with my youngest — she’s a bear!

  6. I would pick the one that has the “special” beauty mark. Why? because this way, I get rid of all responsibility and say, “hey, he/she has the special beauty mark and the rules say that the kid with the special beauty mark gets the green”. πŸ™‚

    Honestly, I don’t even want to make that decision. I love both my children the same.

  7. If I tell a kid…hey…sit please…and he says no and runs around like a crazy wild person…..he’s kicked to the curb…
    oh….wait…..my kid does that…….o well….so much for choosing…..

    it would have to be the one that sits in a chair all day like a nice little boy or girl and doesn’t ask me for this, or that, or snack, or what time is it, or i gotta go pee,pee….and ………you get it….lol….

    • dude, it is so tempting to have nicer thoughts about the obedient, self-sufficient one, isn’t it? that said, very little can persuade me to think ill of my wild, mischievous one

  8. One problem with your hypothetical — we’re in America, here. Maybe a revision to the question:

    Upon your death, your debt will be passed along to one of your children. Who gets the bill?

    Wait? We’re talking real children? I was thinking of Congress….. πŸ™‚

    Seriously, I try not to play favorites too. I would probably give the responsibility to the one that I saw as most responsible and hope I had been right.

    • I was going to bring that up, too, but the post was getting long.

      responsibility is tough when your kids are 6 and 3, but it would probably be a consideration for me, too

  9. Hypothetically, I would sit down with my hypothetical kids and tell them I’m only allowed to pick one of them to leave everything to. Then I would state that I would only leave everything to one child (who would be chosen using random.org or whatever that site is), who would then be requied to split it up evenly among everyone of them. And I’d also make them all sign a legal doc stating that this would happen or else. If they couldn’t agee to this, then I’d leave it all to charity.

  10. I’d go with the one who would share, if sharing were allowed. If our “only give to one child” provision also includes not being able to share, then I’d give it to the one I thought would use it for the most good.

    Of course, all my worldy possessions right now would probably buy him/her a cup of coffee if the economy keeps going the way it is now, but it’s the thought that counts right? :>

  11. Tough call. Can’t even picture picking out a favorite. πŸ™‚

  12. I would pick a favorite baby by the eyes. Looking for that sparkle!

  13. What a great subject! I try and make sure that both my kids know just how much I love them so that one doesn’t feel less than the other. That said, the inheritance would be easy. I would have to leave it to Callie because she will responsible for taking care of her brother once we are gone. It is not something that makes me happy but it is something that will have to be done. She is only three now but I have to raise her to think her brother is a gift and not a burden. So the little one would get all the money, not that there is much!! We used to joke with the kids when all five of them were here that we couldn’t afford to put five kids through college so only the top two would go! I would rank them daily based on how they acted! They always complained that it wasn’t fair because Callie was just a baby and couldn’t do anything wrong! It was, of course, for our entertainment and we would never do anything like that now since they are older! And now I expect their mother to pay for it anyway!!!

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