The too late

Sometimes, I don’t check my email all day. I’ve got into a bad habit of just checking in late at night and answering only one or two essential email messages, groaning that it’s too late to do too much,  then simply going to bed. In those messages I skip, is a daily deal from Living Social. On those, you have to buy that day or lose out.

I’ve never bought a Living Social deal, even though I’ve been getting their emails over a year. I’m always too late, or they cost too much or I wouldn’t use it. Mostly, I’m too late. I never commit before the day expires.

There are two ways I could go with this post now: I could preach a mini sermon on the 2nd coming of Christ, or, I could do what I’m going to do, and encourage you to live your life in the now, not the too late.

Don’t lose sight of the big deal.

Carpe diem.

What are you waiting for… to show love to others? Love is not cheap, it’s going to cost you. Perhaps that’s why you hesitate. Love will almost certainly cost you your pride, your time. You have to lose your cowardice and go after it, instead of watch it languishing in your inbox. Love won’t speak itself.

Tell your family you love them. Call your sister. Email your cousin. Send your mother flowers before mid-May. Take your dad out to the green and play golf. Read a book to your children. Tell them before the too late, before you run out of days here, or before they do.

Show your friends your love. Invite them over and be hospitable. Play games. Sit and talk. Treat them to a delicious dessert and then tell them that you know you’re all busy, but this time together is worth carving out a spot in your schedule.

Give love away to those who cannot repay. Take some clothes to the man who sits at the exit with a cardboard sign, before it’s too late to share with him. Volunteer at the shelter or soup kitchen. Life expectancy is alarmingly low for those families living on the street. Tomorrow might be the too late for any one of them.

Treat your significant other significantly. I’ve seen more than one marriage (including my own) destroyed because love is withheld or gone silent. By the time someone manages to eek out the words “I love you,” the relationship is darkened in the haze of the too late. Be bold, be honest, be pure, be prompt.

We have only a finite number of days. We have busy lives and insecurities and hesitations. I’m encouraging you today not to let the too late catch up with you.

Have you ever lost out on something wonderful because you waited too long?

Make a plan for showing love today. Right now! Write it down and follow through.


27 responses to “The too late

  1. I used to always think about doing the dishes…you know, I would get that voice in my head, “Hey, arny, look at those dishes, you should do them now”….

    But, Something else would catch my attention and minutes later, my wife gets upset for some reason and she says it….”The Line”….That she never has any help around the house, she has to do everything, and look at those dishes, no ever thinks about her and….oooooooo….I’m busted…..

    Of course, I blurt out….Well, I was gonna do it, I was just thinking that….

    And that just makes it worse…. LOL…

    It was too late….

    I’ve learned my lesson…


  2. I am sitting here waiting on my flowers…. 🙂 but just wanted to say “I love you more than you will ever know!”


  3. You are truly inspiring!! I love your writing!! p.s. I am waiting for my dessert invite!!

  4. Well said and so true. We wait too long to show love, we meant to show love but got distracted, or we think we’re being loving but it doesn’t come out quite right. Then that person that we love so much doesn’t realize that we love them. And we lose them. Tragic, and so easily remedied. Love this post.

  5. Love this! I have a whole list of people in my journal that I intend to send thank-you cards, notes, flowers, and little gifts of gratitude to… but my intentions don’t always translate into action. Thank you for encouraging me to do it now, before the too late comes calling.

  6. A few months back, I was watching the MORE series from Crosspoint Church in Nashville, and Pete Wilson said something that has stuck with me since then:

    The opportunity of a lifetime must be seized in the life time of the opportunity.

    Every opportunity expires. If we hesitate or decide to wait, we don’t always get that opportunity again. Very sobering stuff.

  7. The majority of my life I’ve missed out on things because I waited too long. When I finally lost out on the most important thing in my life, I determined to make a life change. Unfortunately, some of us have to lose it all before we get the courage to “do it” and stop over-thinking every single decision.

    Carpe diem, indeed.

    Don’t ask permission. But if necessary, ask forgiveness.

    • I’m a big proponent of the ask forgiveness, not permission mantra.

      I’ve known people that had to lose it all, first, motivation comes in different shapes and sizes, for sure

  8. can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up with an alarm clock mocking me with that whole “too late” business because I either didn’t set it properly or it crapped out on me and I’m supposed to be at work instead of hastily throwing clothes on.

  9. Good reminder today, Kristin. I’ve waited, held off because of the risk, etc, in the past…. and have missed out on opportunities. I am going to call someone today that I’ve been meaning to call for a couple weeks.

  10. I think the moral of this story is unsubscribe from emails that you don’t need.

    Right? 🙂

  11. I onced hesitated to share the Gospel with an elderly lady who lived in my block. I saw here everyday before and after work and I would smile and say hi, but hesitated. I felt terrible, but couldn’t do it. One day I didn’t see her and I later found out that she passed away. You can imagine how that made me feel. God has sinced forgiven me and I gave up beating myself for it, but life is too short to hesitate and wait. All we have is today, let us strive to love.

  12. great post Kristin! I have been an indecisive one for many years and have worked really hard at being more assertive and confident… and agree with Jessica above that since this post has been inspired that unsubscribing to Living Social may be a savory tidbit of Carpe Diem!!

  13. there was a turkey wrap I decided to seize. hence the Archer Farms tortillas. hazzah!

  14. I was in Korea for a year. I arrived late August 2007 and left August 2008. In March 2008, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I spoke with him and/or Mom daily and was kept up to date on how things were going. In August 2008, my mom called me to tell me things were pretty bad and they said Dad had a limited amount of time left – a few days, a few weeks, a few months…they couldn’t say exactly. I made arrangements to come home early and prayed the entire time that I wouldn’t be too late. I got to spend a week with my Dad before he died. And I wish I’d come home earlier so I could have had more time…even though he told me there was nothing I could do and he didn’t want me to leave and miss out on the money I was making at my job.

    It’s been nearly 3 years (a couple more weeks and it will be) since he died and I still miss him as much today as I did when he died.

  15. I struggle with this, Kristen. But at the same time, it’s one of the messages of my life. I’ve been looking back over my blog posts and I have so many that carry this same theme. I try to live in the now. Sometimes I succeed and other times I fail. Doesn’t change the fact that I know it’s His best to live for today and make the most of all the opportunities I have. Thanks–always appreciate the reminder.

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