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Guest post slumber party- Dating Talk

Today, you’ll find me at Mary Kathryn‘s place, Beauty for Ashes. I’m guest posting as part of her blogiversary party all month long. MK is a single girl, so I thought I would give her a weird dating story for the occasion.

To all the men I've liked before

I’ve dated some quirky guys (and to tell you the truth, they’ve dated AT LEAST one quirky girl…). There was the one who constantly warned me I was going to get fat, the one who turned out to be gay, the one who joined the military and didn’t tell me…. but the quirk of the guy I describe in this guest post might take the cake.

So, join me over there, for this, Say My Name, a blog post about dating, getting a call, and disaster.


Christian Pick-up lines

This week is Intimate Relationships in my class, the week where we discuss why we choose to form romantic relationships with others… it’s always good for a bit of jaded discussion, sappy overstatement¬†and blase’ acceptance of the social conventions surrounding love.

I know there are Christian dating services and the ever-popular friend set-up, not to mention I’ve been set-up on a date by my mother before!?!?!?! but, part of what I’m teaching is the cold-question, better known to the world as the pick-up-line. I’m not teaching students HOW to pick up guys or girls, but to know the stages of relational development, and that sometimes starts with an opening line. These are usually wildly unsuccessful, but I’ve had a few people tell me that if you use them in the right context with the right person, there’s a chance…

If you’re staring at the object of your affection of the pot-luck hot dish line, and you’re ready to strike up a conversation, what do you say first? How do you approach?

If you were going to write Christian pick-up lines (that might even work!), what would they be?