Amelia Explains It All

This girl (thinks she) knows it all. And, she’s graciously condescended to teach the rest of us poor schlubs.

better informed than the avg voter

I thought I would ask Mia what the whole point of marriage is. A few weeks ago, she came up with a lively explanation of how babies are formed (someone you love kisses you) and how they come to Earth (it involves catching babies and putting them in jails). Since then, she’s changed her tune, but it’s still a pretty profound theory.

We obviously haven’t had a lot of conversations about the real genesis of babies, but Mia’s got her own opinions on how it all works and is willing to explain it all.

I still remember that I thought you went to the hospital to pick out a baby, like one might chooseΒ  a sweater.

Where did YOU think babies came from as a kid?


34 responses to “Amelia Explains It All

  1. I wasn’t sure. But I do know I embarrassed my mom one time cause I told my grandma I saw her and dad wrestling naked.

  2. Wait..don’t tell me. It’s still the stork, right? Don’t babies come from storks?

  3. Wrong. Babies come from unicorn tears! <— true story!

  4. Kristin, cute video!

    I thought babies came from kissing… yeah, that didn’t last long. πŸ™‚

  5. So cute. She knows a lot.
    That reminds me of a really great resource book that I used to tell my own kids about the facts of life. A girlfriend was asking for the title the other day, so maybe I’ll just go post that now. πŸ˜‰

    • she’s going through a knowledge growth-spurt right now, she wants to take communion for the first time, so we’ve been talking about that, and will probably be focusing more on babies and such too, because she’s not highly competitive when it comes to info and wants to know it all.

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  7. I think I always thought babies come from mommies tummies, just didn’t know how they got there (I do now, by the way). I also thought when they were born they came out of the mommy’s belly button, and I asked my mom one day to see the scar on her belly button from when I was born. She didn’t let me see it (thankfully), and no, I don’t think I was ever a c-section – she never said I was, so I assume I wasn’t.

    • Mia knows all about the escape hatch, but she (thankfully) chose not to disclose any info on that during her video. I told her that some people weren’t mature enough to hear the gory details.

      Belly buttons are logical choice.

  8. I love how she talked about you getting married and you were like “uh yeah, we’ll talk about that later”. She’s so funny! I like God’s big time clock. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before.

  9. My mother told me she found me under a mushroom in the woods.

    Thanks, Mom.

  10. SO cute!! πŸ™‚ I thought babies grew in your tummy from watermelon seeds.

  11. i honestly don’t remember where I thought babies came from. but I definitely know I didn’t have the crazy ideas mentioned above. i’ll blame it on a lack of imagination

  12. I didn’t think much about babies when I was a kid; I just knew that they pooped a lot.

  13. The part about “before God puts the baby in mommy’s tummy, where are they?”…that is so cute! God has BIG time clock! My 4 year old recently asked me where he was before he was born. I told him he was in my tummy. He asked me, “How did I see in there? Did you give me a flashlight?” I said, “No, you didn’t need to see in there. You didn’t even open your eyes!” That was shocking to him. The conversation went on and on until I was exhausted by his questions and didn’t exactly know the answers. He wanted to know where we are before we are in our mommy’s tummys. I just said we are a prayer, a dream, a hope. He didn’t really like that answer and I felt like a failure. Still searching for the Biblical response to that question!

  14. This is the first video of yours I have ever watched.

    I fear that I may have started with the high-water mark and the rest will be disappointments. That was fantastic.

    My 7yo has expressed interest in learning about some of these things. I’m a bit out of my league here, but I think he deserves an explanation. He’s a smart kid, so he’s gonna figure out whatever he’s curious about soon enough anyway.

    How the subject came up recently.

    • I look forward to reading your post on the subject and in how you handle ye olde questions from here on out.

      Thanks – I really haven’t made many videos, but I think Amelia Explains it All will probably be a regular feature here at Messiah Mom, because she really is terribly opinionated about … everything.

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